Monday, May 03, 2010

tingletouch dreams

Lingering sentiments
echo in the cradled silence
of my thoughts.
Such clarity
I hear you....
Your voice strums
whispered yearnings
woven into coupling cries
making me
ache with desire to step over the edge
beyond fantasy
into a realm of firelight heat.
draw me into you......

so strange..... i swear your i felt your lips leave their tingletouch on mine. I knew it was you because it tasted like temptation and peppermint.


Anonymous said...

Although we have really only met a few times, I must confess I wonder each time what it would be like to brush my lips gently against yours.......

awareness said...

Anon, you made my day. what would it be like? Pepperminty. we've met a few times have we? Yes, we have.