Thursday, May 06, 2010

predawn renewal

 the mystic keens
his secret night aches
heard only
in the rustling
tendershoot leaves
and in the windblown pine
of his beloved wood.


he stands alone
deep in the wild
an echoing answer
an echoing answer
knowing they are only heard
in the thin precipice
of dawn

it is there
inside his tearsoaked soul
the kneeling spirit weeps
her song of love
unburdening him 
of untapped yearnings
with her soft unspoken presence

he leans into her moist tears
and prays....
into the sound of an answering echo

resplendent relief cleanses
his loneliness like 
an april shower pouring kisses
on bridled faith

his eyes closed in comfort
the mystic 
the aromatic earth of the woods
like one who belongs in nature

his wildwood prayers were heard
just before
dawn awakened a new day
ps..... i couldn't sleep and began to wonder about mystics and whether they have big doubts too at 3 am.  the echoing answer was a resounding yes.  that thought comforted me, knowing even the most devout have sleepless nights, and there isn't a darn thing wrong with that.....once in a while.


The House on Big Island said...

That's it ... I must be a mystic.

Selma said...

Mystics would be loaded with doubts. All that responsibility for others would be exhausting.

LOL at House on Big Island's comment!

awareness said...

Daisy...a true Kawabi blue mystic you are!

Selma... you think? I actually wrote another piece about mystics a while back. I should dig it up.... it was a story about a doubting one and how his guardian angel watched over him while he figured it out.

Twain12 said...

what an unbelievably gorgeous picture . I'm with The House on Big Island , i must be very mystic but more than likely just insecure and unsure .

Anonymous said...

Sleepless nights are nice if you don't have to go to work the next day.

awareness said...

Twain... thank you. It's actually a photo of a sunset, but I loved it. I took it last fall. We all have a bit of mystic in us, and maybe that's what frightens us too. :)

Anon....Yeah, too bad I wasn't able to lounge around here instead. Funny though, the day was so filled with twists and turns and amazing events that I didn't yawn once. See you Saturday.