Tuesday, April 06, 2010

your presence

I awoke this morning
to a wooing dawn song of the birds.
Renewal all around me. 
Standing in the dark, alone
i looked out my window
to the other side of the river.
Mesmerized by the luminous streetlights
radiant amber reflections stretched out
like flickering candle flames 
on the surface of the water,
it felt like silent mercy in the sleeping calm.
It felt like light tapers you could walk on

Walk on........... 

I thought i saw your face rising from my memory,
your blue eyed serenity looking right into my soul.
I looked into your familiar smile.
I swear I heard you whisper serenity,
quietly beckoning me
across the rippling light
to the safety on the other side

You're almost within reach, my anam cara
my somebody closer.....
my reliable soul friend........
Rather than restrained by silent distance
I feel your presence all around me.
feeding me calm.

Are you quietly beckoning me
across the ladders of tapers
to the safety on the other side?
Or am I beguiled by a mirage of nostalgia
nestled in a long lost dream?

Reality is gifted in the light that carries us.  Even if it wavers in the currents of a river unfolding, we surrender so we can sail into the mystic, lost in the wonder of where it will lead.


Marja said...

A heavenly poem and picture I especially love the last part you wrote. I do believe that we can sometimes feel the presence of our soul friends. Maybe our thoughts about them will send out waves and connects us.
Arohanui from Marja

awareness said...

Marja! Good to see you! I know you've been busy busy with your new job. I'm glad you popped by. I truly believe in soul friends and have been blessed of late with their spirit all around me, totally lifting my own.