Wednesday, April 07, 2010

a touch of serenity

He quietly slips under her skin with a soft sigh and holds her soul on a pillow of down. He rocks her as gently as unseen waves on a calm summer day and surrounds her in a honeysuckle breeze, an aroma that lightly touches her skin, quenching that inner aching thirst to be loved. He leaves her in his haven where desires melt into contentment, where sleep comes like a baby's, safely and soundly. Not a peep of discomfort can be heard as he pours himself into the nooks where worry dwells. As fleeting as he can be, serenity is a welcome surrendering respite like the first sip of a perfect cup of tea. 
Both make her smile.  Both allow her to acknowledge the blessings all around her.


Susan Deborah said...

How very peaceful and serene.

Hope you are doing well and that your soul is joyous.

Joy always,

Twain12 said...

just lovely...serenity is the one thing i long and strive for.

awareness said... is stretching it, but am looking forward to that feeling again. Despite that, I'm doing pretty well. thanks.

Twain.......ME TOO!!! Thirsty for it.

Jen said...

I'm going to read this again before bedtime tonight.

Much love to you, Dana.


Brother David said...

No wonder we mess-up; we are too busy dealing with the practical stuff and forget our relationship is a pasionate love affair.
(Your words remind me of "Song of Songs").
The sun is at its brightest this time of morning.
Have a great day - David.

Gypsy said...

I hope your soul is revelling in serenity and peace. I also pray that the good days outnumber the bad Dana. Just foot in front of the other