Saturday, April 17, 2010


 most recent shot of Lisa 
who still allows me to photo stalk her legs, the dear woman!.  
she's gonna have a new baby!

Familiarity offers respite to a clenched soul.  It allows the easing of muscles, while reacquainting with solid ground.  Routine straightens the staggered walk, especially if it encourages a reunion with the groove you've chosen to enhance the more mundane tasks of life.   Early Saturday mornings offer this to me as a gift. My routine is familiar and I own it outright.  It is not tied to being responsible for anyone else.  It is not contingent on anyone but me.  Saturday mornings have always felt like a bouquet of fresh air after a long week of juggling roles and responsibilities. 

No matter what season, it always begins with quiet time sipping the first cup of tea in the morning, some writing, a little reading, and if I'm lucky, awakening along with the rising of the sun.  Awakening is more than just opening your eyes and rubbing the sleep from them.  It is a light toe tapping spring of spirit, that liberates thoughts from their dream state.   It is a process of reflection allowing the chance to seek out a balance.  Unclenching... releasing.... by taking time for myself before the day gets away from me.   Sometimes it works, sometimes there are just too many burdens to filter through.  No matter what, however, it certainly lightens the load somewhat and allows me a chance to catch my breath.  

As much as I'm a true extravert, or maybe because I'm one, I need quiet alone time to regroup.  Saturday mornings is the time I cherish it the most.... free to wander and shake out the restlessness and pent up work stuff.

Before anyone stirs, I'm out the door, camera in hand, on my way to the Fredericton market. Alone.  It's a destination that always puts a smile on my face.  A sense of liberation envelopes me, knowing everyone at home is safe and sound.  I don't have to worry.  If you aren't aware of this.....Mommas worry, even when they really don't have to.  There's always a inherent niggling feeling in the pit of the gut when the activity level is high and everyone is out of the house doing their own thing.  I don't have that on  Saturday mornings.   Just a smile....a light step, a head full of morning awakening stuff and my favourite tunes.   

Rarely do I miss attending.  My favourite time of day to be there is when some of the vendors are busy getting organized.... when there is room to mill about without the mid morning crowds.  My path crosses with friends who work there, and friends who I may not have seen in a while.  It's all about catching up, and sharing a light hearted smile or too.  

Sometimes I arrange to meet a friend for breakfast, but usually my time is free and the conversations I get caught up in are unpredictably interesting.  It's all familiar in a good, good way.............  and if you ever want to join me, you'll find me wandering around taking photos, and inhaling deeply the sights and sounds and wonderful aromas all found within the heart of the city.   I'll introduce you to some of my favourite people too.... they ALL have the best stories to share!!!

early morning light catchers.... just like me. :)


Marja said...

Dana oh great comfort it is to surround yourself with familiarity and the little delights of life, to relax an absorb. Take in lots of it

Twain12 said...

i love the market and very early mornings.

Anonymous said...

Have I ever told you how great your photography is? Have you ever studied expressive photography?

It's truly instinctive. It seems to be what you do.

I love your colors and your compositions.


awareness said...

Marja....that's the gameplan! I'm off this week from work now, visiting my family and taking a respite at my parent's house. I'm pretty exhausted, so I know I need the space and time.

Twain.... do you go to the market often?

Jen....thank you! I hadn't picked up my camera in a couple of months and it felt good to click away a bit yesterday. therapeutic. I haven't taken any courses. I just experiment mostly with light and colour ....but I would like to and get a much better camera than the one I own. As much as I love my little camera (lumix).
ps. I have 10 good shots, all different of Lisa's legs because she wears such creative leggings and shoes etc. She's a good sport letting me be her leg stalker!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

THANK YOU for your Saturday Morning images!