Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Radiant blooming

My Emerald friend Pip, often posts 5 feeling words to describe that moment of  personal reflection, and always asks the human beings who read his blog for their own reflective offerings.  Over the years, since our paths crossed in way I can only describe as cosmically destined, I have used this little exercise to "touch base" with my own feelings.  I've also incorporated it into workshops I've delivered on Emotional Literacy.  It's a quick hit meaningful "person check" that more often than not allows you to get real rather than remain in the dark side of denial.  It has the capacity to take you below the surface of your skin.

If you don't know what emotional  motions you're dealing with......if you don't know how you're feeling or even how to describe them, you can't let go of how it impacts your thinking and physiology.  All of a sudden, you're acting in ways driven by an imbalance of head and heart. 

This morning, as I read Pip's blog, I stopped to take stock.  This time the "actions" came through before the feelings, recognizing where I am standing, and how stretched I am beyond my comfort zone.   If learning happens in a place of discomfort, well....... I'm sitting in the front row!

5  stretching actions in discomfort

reaching for relief
sitting in honesty
fighting off failure
meditating inwardly, mediating outwardly
nurturing others, nurtured by others.

the 5 feelings?

stronger more often now
delicately imbalanced not so often anymore
determined but doubtful sometimes
loved but hurting

I'm so busy right now with many activities that truly take me out of my comfort zone but need my attention and focus when those two things seem quite depleted that I don't have much time to write.   But I  have many topics I want to explore.........half written and half thought out.   The political landscape at present in this province is heating up.  There are topics on a national and global level I would LOVE to have a chance to sink my editorial teeth into.  Issues generated from conversations, daily encounters, and simply living through this spring of change are piling up in my often feeling flooded brain of mine.   It sure would be nice if some big hearted soul (preferably handsome with a nice smile,  who knows how to fix things around a house) offered to be my guardian angel to grant me the freedom to write full time showed up on my front doorstep.  I'd like that.  :)

More than anything.........I  have stories, scripts, a few poems, and a novel all waiting in the wings, waiting to be shared.  I have many pieces sitting here waiting for my attention again.  Good stuff!  It will happen.  Yesssssirrrreeeee!

In the meantime............?   What I learned this morning while taking stock?  I am not in any way "stuck in the moment and I can't get out of it........."  I was stuck for a very long time, trying to fix, trying to avoid the issues of fixing and recognizing there was NO WAY to fix.  This awareness is where I also fully recognize the feeling of relief dwells.   It's kind of like a seed that has been planted in a bed of burrs and thorns, but has the potential to grow into a massively beautiful flower.  

Radiant blooming is possible.  It just takes a while when the landscape needs tending to as well.


Gilly said...

I wouldn't like to depress anyone with my 5 words today, so I will just say that far from being a radiant bloom, I feel more like a dried-up seed pod that has done her bit!


Even so, life is not good at the moment.

awareness said...

I'm far from radiant too Gilly, but hoping to be one day soon. i'm sorry things are not going well for you right now.

Mark said...

All comes in time! You are radiant and blooming in your own time. Thanks for sharing.

Sunny said...

It's been far too long since I've read the blogs. I must make sure to read them more often. I've forgotten how uplifting they can be.
Radiance. Now that is a good word. I've been feeling radiant lately. I'm not sure if it's because I'm finally feeling good within my own skin or if it's because someone out there is showing me how radiant I can be. I appreciate that person although sometimes the individual drives me crazy.
I sometimes wonder why we accept compliments from some but not from others. My husband tells me I'm beautiful every day however I don't take his compliment seriously. Someone else tells me and I can't help but feel that bit of joy that maybe they are right.
Radiant, lovely, renaissance, energized and sexy are words that describe how I feel today. :)
Thanks for the dose of insight today. I've been lacking for so long that I almost forgot I had that side of me. Looking forward to tomorrow.