Sunday, May 24, 2009

innocence revisited....

Innocence touches delicately like a pale pink summer dress on soft skin. It's sacred purity belie the presence of soulknowing with a cloak of ignorance, when in fact it may hold the power of wisdom in its peaceful heart. Behind the bluewater eyes of innocence is a wellspring of ancestral memories wrapped in a hymn. Strong, hopeful tones set to the white lightness of a child's voice, it's essence seems almost ethereal.

Why do we believe that we leave it behind when we cross the threshold into adulthood, that somehow we forfeit it during our rites of passage? Do we lose touch with our innocence behind the thirsty pangs and the impulsive actions which drive us in our daily lives? Or does it only manifest in our early years and then evaporates into a faint apparition, replaced by the gravity of amplified guilt? Lose our virginity, lose that it?

In adults, innocence languishes under the tidal shoals of forgotten thoughts and hesitates to reveal itself to us again. Once lost, forever lost? It hides behind the more attention seeking orchestrations of suffering. It gets lost in the shadows of doubtful ruminations. We love to see its freshness revealed in others, and smile every time it flashes its purity. So, why is it so difficult for us to look into the mirror and recognize the innocence we all carry inside us?

Innocence never vanishes completely. It lives inside every single human being, including the worst of the worst irreputable villains. We may not be innocent in what we do as human beings. Our actions may teem with guilty pleasures and/or indescribably unforgivable sins. But, the sense of innocence? The ethereal essence of white lightness? Listen for it. Look for it. Please. For within our innocence lies the key to the ancestral wisdom and harmony we need to turn this world around.


Marja said...

Oh I love your intro It is like riding a wave of innocent beauty.
I never grew up completely and love to be with children but alas I know to much and lost my innocence Have a nice day Dana

Nikita said...

You're right Dana, I think. Every person has some innocence left... mine shows through when you give me an ice cream cone.

Awareness said...

marja...your innocence is intact and is dusted off everytime you interact with the kids you work with. Knowledge doesn't erase it. It may numb it, but its still inside you.

Niki....yeah, me too. Strawberry ice cream please. Or even a big bowl of fresh strawberries! I could live on them.

Nikita said...

More of a mint choc-chip gal myself... or vanilla if it is covered in sauce and sugar :)