Saturday, May 02, 2009

who me?

Colourful, fresh and fruity
a fusion of unforgettable iris accords
a radiant touch
a luminous favourite

embodies the mystery of seduction
captivates your senses
exudes confidence

Bright, alluring and timeless
attracts like a sparkling floral bouquet
vibrant, current, sets your spirit free...

unpredictable and unique
an audacious blend of dazzling floral and woody notes
marries freshness, vibrancy and feminity

bare skin beauty
natural luminosity
sexy, smokey
exceptional charm
dazzling, bewitching and highly sensual
enchanting sophisticated, without being too serious
even a little whimsical

irresistably luminous lips
tempts your senses
focused on promise, chance and happiness....

Playfully twists notions of feminity
and subtley grows richer and more sensual,
revealing the velvety interior of the rose.
WHO? Me?

Unfortunately, not me. I pulled these hot momma descriptors out of a flyer promoting perfumes and beauty products. Who writes this stuff? Do they get heated up and turned on while stirring inside those passionate adjectives, blending them into a scene of romance? Are these the same folks who write soft porn?

So here's my confession.....I would love to be described using these expressively sexy and dare I say LUMINOUS words.... I was named after my mother's favourite perfume after all, so it must mean I should qualify on some level doesn't it?
Hmmmmm.......let me take a sniff.....oh, yes this bare skin beauty does "exude an audacious fragrance that blends floral and woody notes....with a tantalizing touch of bergamot and a twist of citrus essence."
I have a dazzling ass too.
What the hell is bergamot anyways? It sounds mossy.

This week's theme over at Sunday Scribblings is confession....Got one??


Tumblewords: said...

Perfect confession. Love the creative way you chose to illustrate the thought...or vice versa. Great job...

Lucy said...

is it just me... or does smelling 'woody' sound awfully.... awful!!??
Where DO they come up with these descriptions! such a fun post!

Gilly said...

How can floral and woody "notes" be audacious??

No, I think this is nearly soft porn when used in conjunction with the photos they use in ads!

Mind you, put all together as a poem - well, could set someone off, maybe!! ;)

Bergamot is a strange smell, it sets my hayfeve off - hardly sexy!

Awareness said...

Sue....Its been a while since i offered up anything for Sunday was a fun post to write.

Lucy...actually, woody sounds good to me. I've always been into the scents of the forest. :)

Gilly....when i read that line, all I could think of was sexual attraction...a feminine and a masculine scent merging together. I have no idea what "notes" means....and the audacious bit? Doesn't quite fit does it? :)

AD said...

my my what a way to color it up :)

wonderful canvas of confession!
loved it

Dee Martin said...

Made me curious - I had to google Bergamot - Wikipedia says "Approximately one third of all men's and about half of women’s perfumes contain bergamot essential oil" also that it is used in Earl Grey Tea. I love the poem and your take on the ads - throw in a water bra and a casserole and you have the perfect husband catching recipe LOL

Anonymous said...

The House of Dana was founded in Barcelona, Spain by Javier Sierra. Tabu was launched as his first fragrance. The name "Dana" was chosen for its myriad historical and mythological associations.
Well named I think

Awareness said...

AD...Colour is found in the "embodiment of mysterious seduction" I think.

Dee....Well, I had never heard of a water bra until I googled that! Fortunately, I don't need to add any bazoom to my bosooooooms.
As for Bergamot and Earl Grey? I've always hated the taste of that tea....and have always said it tasted like drinking perfume. I was right all along! Who knew?? Guess I'm not a true Bergamot fan.
thanks for the info.

Mavis.... well, how cool is that? I've got that going for me. :) Thank you for the info. Tabu was my Mom's preferred scent.

JP/deb said...

Confessing the love of one's self - now that would be powerful stuff - yeah, I bet you do have a great ass!! lol, JP/deb

floreta said...

the best line is "I have a dazzling ass too" haha. love the sense of humor.. who knew ads were written like this?? really cool idea to chop it all into a poem!