Saturday, May 23, 2009

perfectly clear now...

Abundance isn't something we manufacture. It is something we tune into. And if our imaginations are allowed to be limitless....?
This morning the sunrise was so brilliant, it was blinding! A large male robin is perched on the railing of the back deck looking towards the sun. The light has caught his orangey red breast and has turned it into part of the sunrise. He looks so strong and full of himself....regal like. Though he is one of many birds in my yard this morning, he seems solely entranced by the light and colour and oblivious to his role of protecting his family's nest tucked under the deck.
As he stands alone, he seems to be absorbing as much of the sun's awakening energy as we humans try to do. I think it allows him to feel abundantly whole, as well as part of a bigger universe.
Actually, he's scanning the backyard looking for other orangey red breasted predators in an attempt to protect his babies. But, there was a moment when I believe he was reflecting on his birdness.

One within himself....One with nature. Abundance defined. Thank you Mr. Robin.


Marja said...

Very well described No robins for us or usually fantails It is storming for over a week and the birds are hiding

Gilly said...

That would be the American Robin, not our own little much-loved redbreasted friend?? Although they are aggressive little things when another robin dares to appear! (of the same sex, of course. Robins can tell each other apart, which is more than we humans can!)

But how lovely to have a dawn like that. Our dawn this morning just sort of came, as it was a bit misty and the light jkust got brighter. Lovely in its own way though!

JP/deb said...

Hi Dana,

My visits have not been as frequent due to the fullness of daily life (abundance!), so what a delight to come here and share in this moment of reflection with you and Mr. Robin. Perfect!


Anonymous said...

I can just imagine him sitting there - master of all he surveys. One of my favourite type of birds!

Awareness said...

Marja....they are here like an over charged orchestra. Their chirping song begins before dawn....all notes and sounds piping in the day......who knows, maybe some of the NZ birds are "wintering" in Canada? It would be a bit of a flight though wouldn't it?

Gilly... I think you would call them American Robins yes. Or maybe the North American Robin as they are the most predominant in the lower reaches of Canada too. They leave in the fall and are one of our first signs of spring. YOu would'nt believe how excited people get in March when the first sighting happens! It makes the news!!
oh, and yes they are quite territorial and aggressive with other males. It's quite interesting to watch them dive bomb one another.

Deb...I'm happy you've found that place. I havent been visiting much either as my days are full too and feel that the big grey clouds are finally moving on.

Selma.... We are inundated with many species right now and I love it....this morning, heard two blue jays who have nests close by chatting away to one another.... and a pair of mourning doves have returned. Lots of hummingbirds, chickadees and a new little one I've never seen before...looks like a miniature oriole. Larger birds too....eagles and hawks frequently fly by as do the Canada geese... we must be on their flight pattern. :)

Awareness said...

i mean path!