Sunday, May 17, 2009

happiness unfurling...

Joy and woe are woven fine,

A clothing for the soul divine.

Under every grief and pine.

Runs a joy with silken twine.

William Blake

Sunday morning .... skies were cloaked in dark grey. Draping down to touch the hilly fields, the clouds hovered to the riverbend. Rain fell straight like a fine spray evenly soaking all that it touched, feeding strength, encouraging growth.
Newly planted seeds, row upon row.....fresh budding leaves, tender roots unfurling......germinating under the grey laden rainspray skies.
'Tis the season where light moves us from the insulation of darkness. Even the gloomy skies can't forgo the feeling. In fact, the alchemy of colour POPS out of the grey.....with dramatic vitality....from the dreary dross comes golden touches.

If happiness were a colour, I would choose the innocence of green in spring. Its open vibrancy tantalizes the eye with the fullness of future happiness does to the heart. Tender green shoots.....our nature exposed to the elements, joy woven with woe. It is a risk to be exposed. Happiness does that to us....we are more open to risk when we choose happiness....but I'm thinking its one worth branching out to....


Anonymous said...

To be exposed and choose to be happy is a risk well worth taking. Any other choice would mean we are only existing, no highs, no lows.

A good dose of courage is the missing ingredient here.

Marja said...

Hi Dana Hope you are fine. Happy to be exposed again to your pictures painted with words and I love the green streaks of spring too. I love ferns Young unfurling ferns symbolyse new life in NZ
I am back here in Autumn again but it is a soft warm one.

Awareness said...'re right...a good dose of courage. Funny how the positive emotions are risky whereas the negative ones are for our insulating protection.

Marja...WELCOME BACK! I hope your trip home to the Netherlands was marvellous.
I took the photo last summer during an evening paddle along the Saint John river. We stopped on an island that was covered in ferns...beautiful.
Right now, the ferns are still quite curled up...and are being picked that way. They are a delicacy here...fiddleheads. They are very delicious! Tomorrow, I plan to go find a patch of them and take some photos.

Mariana Soffer said...

Black is amazing, and you can also see he keeps himself up to date and uses
If happiness where a colour I guess that would make me colorBlind
I guess it is upside down, when we are open to risk is when we (can) achive happiness.
Anyway great description of the place and amosphere

Gilly said...

Hurts leave us only too willing to keep covered with negativity, or just pure existence. It takes a lot of courage to choose another way, especially as experience tells us we will get hurt even more.

I'll jog along for a bit.

Awareness said... does feel upside down.

Gilly...rejection and heartbreak surely can keep us wary of branching out again. it does hurt to be cast aside when all one was ever seeking was happiness. maybe the key is to own it? I dont know how to do that effectively because all the research indicates making connections with others is the major activity to lead to happiness. However, research also makes many references on how we adapt to our life we decide to cope with what is thrown our way.