Monday, May 18, 2009


twilight trembles
in the ancient echos of misplaced souls
and turns inward
absorbing the fading colour of others
leaving disconnected murmers
of unfulfilled desire
filling the emptiness of my heart.

inside the ancestral din
i hear your voice
pulling me back from the lonely edge of darkness
into a pinebow creche

nestled in the tall grass
layered in the down of soft comfort

cradled in your arms,
i feel your lips softly brush my nape
your warm breath reminding me of my existence,
reassuring me i'm not one of the lost souls.

it is only then my sigh settles into the twilight
connected to the warmth of your kindness.

The prompt this week at Sunday Scribblings is "disconnected." For more interpretations, check out their blog.


Mark said...

Very good! Wonderful words, warm, loving!

Nikki-ann said...

Beautiful words :)

floreta said...

lovely and romantic

Awareness said...

Mark...why thank you kind sir. the words found me once i started thinking about how disconnected twilight sometimes feels.

Nikki-ann....thank you for stopping by...

floreta...glad you enjoyed it.

Tumblewords: said...

Lovely! The flow from disconnection to connection is smooth and wonderful!

Marja said...

Beautiful I can see the connection which comes with the warm snuggly feeling

Brother David said...

Psalm 203 I think.
Nice :)

Awareness said...

Sue, I tried to make the feelings flow to go along with nightfall, so thank you for the feedback.

Marja...belonging has that feeling doesn't it?

David...i wondered if i had written it too intimately to be seen as an encounter with God, which was my intent.
please tell me, what is psalm 203?

Brother David said...

As we are the bride and He is the bridegroom, how intimate should we be?
My book stops ay psalm 150 but as they are clearly still being written; I thought 203 was a good number... :)

Old Grizz said...

Your poem is beautiful. It has the aura of beauty and lets the readers feel they are there. But more than that it leaves room for reader interpretation. A good start for my day.

Awareness said...

David...I initially thought it was a made up number....but then I thought....maybe i missed something. love it....will allow this to stand as psalm 203.

i read a line recently as a way to describe a mystic which was in my head as i wrote this....that he "longs for the moment to creep into God." beautiful imagery to me. this is the intimacy i was thinking about. I can't remember who wrote it off hand now.

Old Grizz....thank you. i try to write as openly ended as I can so that it can be interpreted differently....i have my take on it but love to read how others have perceived it.

AD said...

you gave me a doze of ecstasy!

Awareness said...

AD...ok, i'm going to presume that was a typo, and i didn't put your ecstasy to sleep. :)

Tammie Lee said...

How very lovely!