Sunday, November 11, 2007

Still there such a place?

I ate the top one. It was delicious.
Still Life Macs, Nov 2007

How does one let the dust settle in order to see beyond the mummered trappings humming chaotic thoughts? How does one attain a stillness reached only from the silencing of the mind of the soul? A wild cacophony resonates, bellowing over what needs to be heard. Perhaps it is a defense mechanism. Perhaps when we silence our minds, we are confronted with a truth we aren't ready to face. Is there a fear which stops us from entering into this type of dialogue?
It's easier to keep busy. Busy hands, busy feet, busy mind, busy life. If we remain busy, we justify our time, project an image that we are productive and therefore content with the status quo. It's easier to avoid the productivity of our inner comtemplations by being actively engaged in the busy work of life, than to try to tackle what may be the most important task we have as hear the discourse of the silent mind. Why? Because it is so difficult to reach and then to stay there for any length of time.
Our silent mind is an entangled mix of a life lived so far, where there's a blending of the spices......kindness, sorrows, joys, frustration, anger, doubt, happiness, shame, love, guilt .........a mixing of the ingredients captured in the moments which mean the most to us........or which have left the most beauty marks.
It is where we reflect, and try to connect with what is meaningful. It is where truth dwells. Hard hurtful truth entangled with soft welcoming love. And if our goal in life, or at least one if them is to love like you have never been hurt? Well, I guess we just have to recognize that there is risk, but that we must trust that love propels the journey.
Our lives are never completely still. Our minds are never completely silent. I'm beginning to recognize that the deeper the stillness and the longer the silence, the more I am able to hear, the more I am able to listen to the words hidden behind the mummerings. For behind these mummerings which steal comfort is where the dialogue with God just may take place.
And it makes me wonder.............if I was to succeed in silencing my mind enough to meet God face to face, what would I ask Him? What would you ask Him?
And what would He ask of you and me?


Neo said...

Awareness - I think I'd ask him why beer costs so much in Canada. ;) J/K

Seriously, I think people don't have enough time to still their minds. They get stuck worrying about other people's problems and tasks instead of getting to know themselves.

What God wants? The same thing he's always wanted from his creation. Love. Plain and simple, unequivocal love.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Awareness said...

Neo.....I was thinking that I would ask him why he allowed the mullett to be invented. Your beer question is a very good one too.

It's easier to stay busy looking at other's issues than to look at our own.......... we could find the time if we really wanted to.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Excellent questions.

For me stillness, a quiet mind and a peaceful heart come from turning everything over to God and letting go.

Neo said...

Awareness - Good point, then again, asking why he allowed boy bands to be successful might be another valid question. ;)

Awareness said...

Barbara....welcome. It is that process through prayer we all strive to arrive at. I agree.

Neo. Boy bands, you're so right. Country music too.....
I'd also like to ask Him what his favourite TV show is (crossing fingers that it isn't Deal or No Deal)

Rainbow dreams said...

I don't think there would be any questions...perhaps at that point they cease to be relevant... just a touch and a deep gaze, a being togetherness...

I think he'd want to know what took us all so damn long to do something so simple, and I'd like to know where the instructions were hidden - or why they weren't written in language I could understand!

Open Grove Claudia said...

At the moment of eye contact, I think God would smile with recognition. All wanting is over by the simple recognition of God's presence.

Awareness said...

Katie yeah, maybe I would be so dumbfounded that nothing would come out of my mouth. Still, I would like to know who his favourite rock band is.

And yes........I would ask him if perhaps he could stop talking in riddles so I can understand.

Claudia.....I dunno....I still would want to ask..."Where have you been all my life?" Or maybe just by being with Him, I would know that answer without asking.

Robert said...

I would like to ask Him why He made brussels sprouts yuckkkkkkk lol seriously I would sit and just enjoy His visible Presence and ask why it is often so hard to just trust Him and love Him in the natural way before the fall always so insightful dana :)