Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The sunset tonight was spectacular. The vibrant oranges and blues and purples were spread across the canvas sky. Unique, alive, made you feel like you were just a tiny object in a big piece of performing art.....your role not quite defined yet.

When we are provided with such a show, it makes the sad denoument of twilight fade to a more welcoming evening symphony where life meets reflection. Somehow a nature show like this slows the world down to a manageable pace which offers a chance to capture perspective.

Reflection of naked silouettes.
Where light meets stark on a November day.
Where life meets reflection.
Balancing on the cusp of colour.
It spreads the message of what matters.

November vistas provide bountiful grace.


Gypsy said...

If only we all took more time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Beautiful pics as usual.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Your words provide bountiful grace as well. Peace & love, xx, JP/deb

Perplexio said...

I see beautiful sunsets like that to be evidence of God. While I do understand there are scientific explanations for them, I refuse to believe that the scientific parameters necessary for those sunsets to happen is an accident or quirk of science....

Everything had to fall into place just so for life to exist and for the beauty of our planet to come into play... I refuse to believe it was all just one big cosmic accident that we're alive on this planet enjoying sunsets like the one in your photo.

kenju said...

Woohoo - it's on FIRE!!

Awareness said...

Gypsy...I was driving home from dropping off my family at various locales last night when the sun was beginning to set and I had a very tough time keeping my eyes on the road. The colour was EVERYWHERE! You couldn't help but take it in. Before I got home, I drove up the hill from my house to stop and catch the last of the colour which stretched down to the field. Everyone that I mentioned it to today also took it in from where ever they were last night. That doesn't happen very often does it.........that so many stopped to enjoy the show.

Deb.....thank you. Less was best in this post. I wrote out all my thoughts first, and then pared it down. I think I could cut it by half still.

Perplex....I agree. No accident or scientific gooble dee gook allowed! sure felt like it!