Sunday, November 25, 2007

listening to the wind

The wind blew with a whipped up whine
high pitched whys whisked by
too quickly to catch them
in the early morning wake between reverie and real

wizened cries of clenched souls
aching for answers
whyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whyeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Down an octave, this whining wind flew
to a bellowing moan wrapping around lost limbs
producing a winter wonder of whos
making slumber restless in it's thinking

sorrowful sounds of constricted spirits
wanting to know
whooooooooooo whooooooooooo

whistling, whining, reaching out for forgiveness
ghosts formed in winter winds
caught dead inbetween
where souls can go
pleading in their whines and moans
for an unrelenting release of mercy never granted

will it ever end?

Clenched souls, prisoners of sin
Seeking restitution
Searching for the silence of the stars
Where light wraps in solace
in the hour of loneliness.
Where forgiveness stills the seeker
in the hour of loneliness.

Are the river ghosts making their winter arrival known? I think so.


Gilson said...

I love your poem! It has a subtle divine touch to it. Winter is a great season for thinkers.

Kate's Typewriter said...

beautiful, haunting... :) thank you a million for your words of encouragement. i needed that. and for reminding me the perks of how we get both the depths of despair and the purest joy... :) Hugs! I still need to read your Istanbul journeys... i look forward to that.

Awareness said...

gilson...thank you. I agree, winter leads one to their imagination.

Kate...your welcome....this time of year for students is always tough. It feels like nothing will get finished. Your bottomless talents and your undeniable faith will always be there to help you......

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

As Kate said, what a beautifully haunting poem. I love the spirit you infuse into the winds. xx, JP/deb

Awareness said...

thank you Deb....your comments mean a great deal to me. When it comes to poetry, I never know if I've written something interesting and thought provoking in some way, or if I've written a piece of adolescent crap. I was excited when I had finished writing it, but I still felt unsure.

Marja said...

Hi dana this is beautiful. Very clever play with the sounds of nature. i suddenly feel surrounded by howling souls. have a nice day