Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Real power is not found in the brute strength of a body builder, nor in the mind of a dictator. Its is not found in the underpinnings of the corporate world, nor in the boardrooms of government.
Where then does real power dwell?

You will feel it in a tender reassuring touch.
You will hear it in the honesty of a kind word.
You will see it on the face of a person who is lending a listening ear.
You will find it in the compassionate gentleness of a smile from someone who cares.

Why are these acts so powerful?
They have the potential to turn another life around.

You just never know when a simple act of kindness can make a penetrating impact on a person in need of gentle recognition.
Who has made an impact on you lately?
Who have you reached out to with a kind gesture?
ps. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.


Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Well, you have made an impact on me lately and ever since I met you.

Neo said...

Awareness - This will be my first Thanksgiving away from the states, so it's going to feel a bit odd this year.

I'd say the person that made the most recent impact on me lately was the nice lady that sold me beer last weekend. ;)

Seriously nice thoughts.


- Neo

Awareness said...

thank you Layla. hope it's been a positive one :). happy thanksgiving.'s always good to have a nice beer lady in one's life. Considering the price of the stuff, they better be nice serving it, right. Hope you're able to find the spirit of Thanksgiving up here in the land of the soggy Maple Leaf today Neo. At least you can access the NYC parade and the incessant football games on the boob tube. :) Happy Thanksgiving.

Mr. Althouse said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Dana. I posted something similar... but that should surprise no one!


Neo said...

Awareness - I hear ya! Actually I caught part of the Boscov's Parade from Philly on the net today! It was 67 (F) degrees there today! They should have been wearing shorts!

Dustin said...

Great thoughts, Dana. You continue to astound me with your thoughtful posts.

Awareness said...

Hey Mike! Good to see your smiling face again.

Neo.....where did that balmy breeze go? I thought we were supposed to get it this morning. Instead, I walked the dog in a flurry of flurries. argggh.

Dustin. Thank you. Don't actually know where it is all coming from.......the word tap continues and I'm there for the ride.