Sunday, October 30, 2011

music, candles and all things bright and beautiful.......

I attended two church services this weekend.  Both of them reminded me what it was that turned my faith light back on a few years ago.   It was a wonderful reminder. 

Yesterday, I was searching in the archives of my blog and stumbled upon a couple of pieces I had written that I really liked.  The only reason I believed they came from me is because I posted them on here.  I could not remember writing it!  It reminded me that my faith light turned on a few years ago. The words which had flowed into me, through me and out of my finger tips came from that place.  My writing at its best comes from a place beyond my vision...... it is the gift I have been given to express the living word of God.  I am the vessel.........

This afternoon, I found stillness for a quiet period.  As I sat in silence, breathing in and breathing out, I could feel that comforting faith light warm me.  Anxieties lifted.   I could hear the music of life blend all around me.  With my eyes closed I could see the calm flicker of a candle. It never burns out. It is never snuffed.

Earlier this evening I sat down for dinner with my two children.  The dampness in the livingroom was gone .... replaced by the warmth of the blazing fire I had been feeding for a couple of hours.  The drama of the week was gone ...... replaced by gratitude and respect for the bountiful life we are so privileged to lead.  For one another.  For our home.  For the love we share. I was reminded of what it was that turned my faith light back on a few years ago.......

Tonight, I bundled up for the first time this fall to ward off the slushie winds that tell the tale of winter's pending arrival, and took the dog for her walk.   I pushed away the thoughts of what has to "get done" this week to be better prepared in order to be able to look around, to listen openly and to inhale the aromatic change of seasons.  It's easy to do when I'm with Lily because she is always so enthusiastic to go for a walk like it's the first time EVER.  She always takes a smiling run and body slide onto her back on the neighbour's lawn....... her legs flailing in the air......... her back being rubbed by terra firma.  You can't help but smile with envy that she has the capacity to live in the moment simplistically joyful!

 As we walked with the wind, the dark night, which felt so November-foreboding earlier in the evening began to transform as the storm clouds scattered and splintered into strips of cotton.   Those once slushie winds were pushing them beyond the horizon.  Those nasty north winds howling through the barren trees were revealing a twinkling gallery of light specks up above.  Off to the side, a sideways smiling moon that had its best glow on.   Looking, listening, inhaling, I gratefully and respectfully stood alone on the small street I call home.  Nestled safely within a vast universe ...... Again, I was reminded of faith. The Living Word

The light of my faith comes from believing God lives in and among us.  We are the Living Word.  And we do it best when we just let ourselves be open to being a sensory expressive and receptive human.  

We do it best when we allow ourselves embrace the basic but so important lessons as the touchstones of how we connect and interact with others and with nature....... to love, to find a way to communicate, to respond, to treat everyone equally, to be kind..... to hear, see, touch, feel, inhale daily moments with a heart of gratitude.  

It's how I want to live.  It is what I strive for everyday.  Whether its through my writing, my interactions, my actions.  I may stumble into a field of selfishness from time to time.  I may overreact and not handle things well on occasion, especially when I'm stressed out...... when my fuse is short.  My words may dry up.  My strength may succumb to fatigue.  But, it is a goal I keep in the uppermost of my mind......... that we all play a role in the Body of Christ.  Humanity makes up the Body of Christ.  

If God lives among us, as I believe He does, then we always have the ultimate Mentor to help guide us back to what really counts.  

The other night, after a day of feeling shattered and tired from not going into surgery, I went outside and sat on the back steps to catch my breath.  I looked up in the night sky and what should appear at the moment I needed reassurance?  A beautiful shooting star.......... I laughed out loud and hooked a wish upon its tail and hummed the tune.......... All things bright and beautiful...........


S. Susan Deborah said...

Now I'm humming in my head, "All things bright and beautiful . . ." What a lovely post, Dana. And dogs, how lively and energetic are they when roused for a walk. I can't be like that everyday but I do strive to be that way.

Have a glorious November, Dana.

Wishing you joy, love, warmth and lots of cuddles,

CindyBB said...

Lovely post! Wow Dana some interesting similaries! My husband is from Burlington too, his parents still live in the family home at Appleby Line and Spruce Ave. Hubbie went to Kilcoo Camp in the Minden area, his sister went to Gay Venture Camp also in Minden. We both have skied in New York area - Ellicottville and Bristol Mountain. I was born in Toronto, moved to King as a youngster, as an adult lived in Oakville/west Toronto/Aurora and now Hockley Valley for the past two years. We are outdoors people with 2 dogs and really wanted to live in the country. After a long search found a lovely 10 acre property with trails, a river and wonderful sunset views. My piece of heaven …. The hour commute to work each way is a drag  but there is always a trade off of some sort in life. The Maritimes are lovely, have been out there a few times and truly enjoyed it.

awareness said...

Thank you Susan. May this month be one of wonder and introspection. Let those candles burn bright.

I grew up not far from where your husband grew up. A block away from the Lakeshore between Guelph and Walker's Line. We probably went to the same high school. (Nelson?)
I also knew alot of people who lived in his area. Don't know how different our ages are?!
I went to Kawabi for 12 summers. One spring, I was hired at Kilcoo to help run the school kids camp. this was when Mr. Latimer's "boys" were helping run the show....Scott Russell, Tim, Ian and crazy Hal were there. I taught canoeing and little tripping tricks for the kids who had come from downtown Toronto and had never been in a canoe before. It was such fun. Quite a while ago though!

I skiied at Holimont in Ellicottville mostly, but did other ski spots. when i was very young and learning how to ski, we often went to Moonstone north of Barrie.
Yes! Much in common/cross over!

Anonymous said...

I remember my dogs getting as excited before a walk as if it was the first time. So cute.

That shooting star was sent for you, Dana. I know it!

CindyBB said...

Good Friday morning!

Hope today finds you calm, relaxed and looking forward to and ready to enjoy the weekend.

Doug is 50 and went to Hillfield College in Hamilton. He definitely remembers Mr. Latimer’s crew well. He went to Kilcoo for 5-6 years until mid teens I think. We stopped into the camp one fall day when camp was over for a look around, a trip down memory lane. Doug’s father went to Kilcoo it was a family tradition. He showed me his cabin, his signature was still visible on the cabin wall.

Holimont … that brings back some memories! Both Doug and I skied at Holimont, we both had friends that were club members (lots of Ontarians there). Funnily enough we were both skiing there at the same time but didn’t meet until a few years later in Toronto.

"Life is a pure flame,
and we live by an invisible sun within us."
Sir Thomas Brown

CindyBB said...

.. sorry forgot to add this to my comment ... you had asked if I have I lived in Hockley Valley long ... no. We have been here 2 years having lived in lived in King, Oakville, Bloor West village, Aurora and now out here in the country. Love it!