Monday, February 28, 2011


Blue on blue.
Letters spelling affirmation. 
High above the littered streetscape
Where homeless hearts in tattered disrepair 
Hand clap to enhance blood flow
To seek warmth.

Bravo!  You've survived another day.
Bravo!  Another coin drops into a hat....

Bold applause
Remember to clap.
Remember to pat yourself on the back.
For what?  
For surrendering spare change with false pride?
Perhaps these letters sneer in sarcasm 
Exclaiming the real truth. 
We can do better.

Bravo indeed.

This week's Photo theme is Letters.  Signs, signs everywhere signs.....  For more shots of the words that remind, rekindle, remark and sell, sell, sell ....... check out Carmi's place right HERE! 

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