Tuesday, November 06, 2007

That's what you are.............

I look at this picture of this one little path which leads to a beach I can conjure up in a blink of an eye and I am bowled over by the many many unforgettable moments I hold close to my heart. Camp Kawabi. A view from the lodge.


What makes a moment unforgettable? It's not the length of the moment, nor the planning of it. Many times have we stopped to gaze out at the night stars on a summer's night and yet only a few of them are so memorable that they sit on the plateau of never forget. What made them so special? Was it because you shared it with someone? Was it because looking out at the stars on that unforgettable night was the moment you were able to catch your breath after an experience or an event which meant a lot to you? Or was there a special star which caught your eye and made you wonder.............?

Unforgettable events become the tangled story of our lives. They are the snapshots in our memories which we can reach back to touch. They make our short existance real.

First kiss, first love, first time passions.
Tender first steps through transitions -- milestones which record our history
Footprints of people who left impressions on our hearts
Mentors who guide
Elders who pass on their wisdom
Kindreds who share of themselves
Babies who melt our hearts
Our children who remind us everyday of what is important.

Moments of hilarity
Segments of grief
Bone chilling phone calls or sirens or alarms.
Heart lifting songs which become soundtracks to our stories.
A time when intimacy began with a shared look of desire and ended in confusion and silence.

Saying goodbye forever
Saying hello for a lifetime

Unforgettable moments are trapped in the deep sighing crevasses where our emotions resonate the strongest.
It's where you find..............

Sharp edged sorrow captured for eternity
Joy shouting in the light breaths of new life.

Struggles, achievements, successes and failures......all of which etch out the stories tucked in our memories.

so many, so many..........................tiny time capsules
our chain linked life line
allowing us to leave our fingerprints behind
giving our existance meaning
exposing us as unique
adorning our tapestries with the sequins of our light.

Unforgettable is the prompt for Writer's Island today. Since reading the prompt, I have replaying a few of my own most unforgettable moments...... they have all made me smile and wonder if my moments which have left indelible memories in me are as strongly felt by the people I shared them with.


Cherie said...

Beautiful! Such an enjoyable take on the prompt, Thank YOU!

Marja said...

So much beauty in your reflection on unforgettable. I love footprints of people who left an impression on our heart" and Joy shouting in the light breaths of life" and "adorning our tapestries with the sequins of our light" Magnificent" Thanks very much.

Tumblewords: said...

A beautiful post - just beautiful!

awareness said...

Redness,Marja and Tumble....thank you! wow......I rushed to write down my thoughts...perhaps it's the way to write sometimes.....not to get caught in thinking it through too much.....just let it fly out of you.


gautami tripathy said...

A thoughtful post! Thanks!

Crafty Green Poet said...

a lovely meditative post.

Karen said...

Unforgettable moments.....it's those moments in time that keep us moving forward in hope that there will be more along the way.

Lucy said...

beautifully reflective and thought provoking post.
"Babies who melt our hearts
Our children who remind us everyday of what is important."
Love this. :)

awareness said...

thank you all. it was enjoyable to write. it was a little trip down memory lane.....some of which will remain within the confines of my own head. They keep me company when I'm sitting in a boring meeting. :)

Keith's Ramblings said...

You have so many little gems within your piece and they all come together to make it truly unforgettable. I'll certainly be back for more.

aMus said...

loved this...truly unforgettable...

Jen B said...

Hello fellow canadian! Good post, eh? (I'm in Ontario)
I enjoyed your post, I love the stars part, it is so true.