Monday, December 12, 2005

Thoughts on Christmas

Christmas is a time to tenderly remember the past, especially the loved ones who were there to help mold you into the person you are now. It is a time to enjoy the present moments with family and friends and to give thanks for the moments of grace felt throughout the Christmas season. It is a time to acknowledge the many blessings given to us and to embrace the hope for peace for the future.

The magic of Christmas comes in the joy of sharing your friendship, your sense of hopefulness, faith, openness, and warmth to others. Because of the magic, what you share always returns to you in abundance.

Christmas is a sparkling time when everyone should dig deep to find the childlike excitement once again; to find the feeling of restless anticipation of an upcoming celebration. It is a time to remember the well-known stories about the events surrounding the birth of Jesus and to acknowledge the day by giving, sharing and singing.

Christmas can also be a time of introspection and of feeling loss in a much more profound way than any other time of year. So many struggle with the mulitude of feelings and hardships that this time of year conjures up. It is these individuals who are suffering for whatever reason that we need to be most cognizant of so that we can open our hearts to listen to their sorrow and to provide comfort when they come looking for it.

The gift of friendship and understanding far outweighs any other gift a person give to another. There is nothing more powerful than feeling a sense of love and belonging.

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