Thursday, January 31, 2008

i don't have a clue.

Is our soul the last real frontier? Is it our own endless constellation, where vitality is the eternal binding of our essence? Is soul the keeper of paradoxical emotions, where lamented sorrow mixes into a harmonious hymn of broken need?
I wonder.

Is a soul ever visible to the naked eye, or can it only be felt by the naked vulnerability of an open heart? Is this where mystery of the reason for being dwells as an apparition only to be revealed after death? Do we receive clues to the mystery while we wander through our personal journey of life?
I wonder.

Does a soul chant during the moments of solitude captured after sitting with loneliness or does it wail? Does it sound like the winter wind or a summer breeze? Does the soul knock loudly when disharmony of thought and action is felt or when a deep stirring of love fills one with electricity?
I wonder.
Does it sound like Tom Waits in a whiskey soaked bar or Pavorotti on the steps of the cathedral? What about Springsteen or Bono or Morrison standing in the spotlight in a concert hall? Or perhaps the soul sings like Nora Jones at sunrise, sunrise....or a Mozart symphony or a solo violinist......
I wonder.

I do wonder. Do you wonder about it too or am I the only nut in the box of chocolates?


Shaz said...

Such amazing thoughts Dana I love reflecting on your thoughts.
I think peoples eyes are sometimes the windows to the soul....I know thats a cliche but when people let there vulnerability, fears trust pain all of those emotions are shown in their eyes some people know without uttering a word and a lot of people like that i dont need to ask them because I see all I need to know in there eyes or by instinct.
I think some people can see more than others, those who are of a true heart and have a gracious spirit and nature see and feel more
than others with out the use of words.
You my friend can do both and I adore that about you.

Awareness said... always make me feel like I have made some sense! Thank you. I was going to delete this when i got up this morning, but I awoke to your comment!
I agree with what you share. I think our eyes give others access to seeing what we've made of. Our eyes don't lie...straight on, averted, or lost in thought they can tell alot even in a split second moment.
Cliches derive from truth don't they?

Rainbow dreams said...

I agree about peoples eyes - sometimes when we look into someones eyes it can feel like our souls touch - am reminded of a lady I came across today sobbing at her hospital bed. I wasn't supposed to be with her but how can you not? I held her hand and touched the side of her face and she stopped crying and looked at me - It felt like our souls touched for that moment - but what it is I don't know either...

Niki said...

I'm with you on the chocolate nut front, but on the realms of insightful thought I have no right.

Open Grove Claudia said...

I can't imagine what would be more interesting to ponder.

But then again, I think things like: if the spirit is earth bound and reincarnation true, what was it like to be a dinosaur?? a single celled bacteria during the largest extinction in the planets history? what is it like to be yeast?

Yeah - maybe I'm right there with the nuts. ;)

Awareness said...

Katie....thank you for sharing that story. were born with insight because you have an old soul. it's good to "see" you.....hope the studies are going well and french is still a part of the equation. ;)

Claudia.....great questions!!!! Will have to ponder and respond after a few swigs of Friday night plonk.

Barbara said...

You're not the only nut in the box! I personally don't like nuts interfering with my chocolate, but I love the way your mind works.

I think souls can be visible in moments of sheer vulnerabilty and intimacy.

I also think my soul has Bono and Bruce doing a duet.

Robert said...

loved this post dana!!!! shazzie makes such good points the eyes definitely open up the soul amazing how the condition of ones soul can often be told by the look of their eyes hmmmm you always raise the bar on awareness and reflection dana my misfit friend such a wonderful gift you have!!!!

Awareness said... have Bono and Bruce in your soul.....mine is filled with Van Morrison I think.
ps. am not keen on nuts in my chocolate either. Though I love mixed nuts on their own!

Robert. thank you. sometimes i write something and then move on and don't let it seep in long enough....this is one of those posts. I'm glad you found it tonight and left such a nice comment. It allowed me to reread it all too.