Monday, January 14, 2008

Interview with John O'Donahue

Here is the link to the interview on CBC's Tapestry with the late John O'Donahue. Bookmark the site and listen to it when you have some time set aside. It's about an hour long.......a beautiful hour long. Enjoy.


Open Grove Claudia said...

Hey cool! Thanks for the link! :) He's seems like such a delightful person.

Happy Monday!

Gypsy said...

Hi Dana
How ironic! I have just written you an email saying I had just listened to the interview. I come here and there it is again. I highly recommend it to anyone who is reading. He is a very wise man.

Barbara said...

I listened to the whole thing...Loved it completely!! I am going to get one of his books....the question is, which one???