Monday, January 21, 2008

beauty and bread.....

Everyone needs beauty as well as bread
Places to play in and pray in
Where nature may heal and cheer and give strength
to body and soul alike.
John Muir.
This was a quote left on my blog a while back by a beautiful tree climbing human being whose own writing often fed mine. I loved it then, and I love it now because it captures my personal inclination to feel the most connected to God when I'm outdoors surrounded by nature's holy spaces. I've spent too much time indoors lately, though was on the road all day today meeting with people in their homes. It felt good to be off the main roads taking in the bright sunshine and the very cold winter air. Theres a sense of freedom of spirit when I'm outdoors enjoying nature.....a freeing up of thoughts and an opening of possibilities. It does heal. It does bring cheer. And it certainly strengthens the soul.


Shaz said...

Amen to that..
We have had rain for something like 9 weeks at the moment and all though its keeping the hot days away I lke hot days and sunshine walking on the beach and through the bush. I love that quote and your way of thinking ;)

Gypsy said...

I always feel good when I go out for a walk in the fresh air. It clears all the cobwebs and seems to add clarity to my thoughts. It's just too hot at the moment and I miss my walks very much.

Awareness said... beach walking too and walking in the woods. I don't mind walking in the rain either, unless of course it's a full downpour.
Nature is God's cathedral. i truly believe that.

Gypsy.....It's too hot there, it's too bloody cold here! Frigid -35 celcius.....I was just at a meeting, a typical Canadian meeting because it started with a discussion on the weather. WE all were complaining about the cold until one person piped up to announce that it's going up to -9 this afternoon and we all thought that was GRAND! This too is a typical Canadian
-9 is a balmy temp or something. :)
However, it WILL be warm enough to go for a walk.

Barbara said...

Oh, I relate to this quote true. I wish I could be outside much more often. Today I can see snow capped mountains in the distance, they are calling my name!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I find nature and the outdoors very life-renewing! The sun and the air---The Birds and Bees and Butterflys...and the Flowers, too and plants! Nothing better than this!

BTW: Thanks for your concern, but, I haved lived in my house for almost 44 years and there have always been Coyote's and Deer and Skunks, etc....You even see Coyote's walking down the street! My cats DID NOT GO OUT, and my kitty now does not go out at all, either, so no worries there! Frankly I am more concerned about the Farm Animals appearing these days in my beighbors yard! Weird!

paris parfait said...

So true! I haven't been outdoors much in the past month, due to bronchitis. The minute I set foot outdoors, I feel lighter in spirit and happier. xo

Marja said...

That's why I love NZ so much. Being surrounded by beauty and taking it all in makes you feel more calm and happy

Mark said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful quote. It is true, we find much that is holy when we commune with nature.

Awareness said... cool is that! Only rolling hills around here....

Naomi....YES....the farm animals living in Hollywood is reminiscent of the Beverly Hillbillies!
Though most are nestled in the woods or hibernating right now, we have deer, moose and there have been sightings of bears on occasion. But most of all, we have the little critters...raccoons, squirrels, skunks, moles, rabbits....and LOTS of birds who stay for the winter.

Tara.........To enjoy a day walking through heart of Paris would be VERY medicinal for moi. I gotta figure out a way to get there. I'm glad you're on the mend.

marja....I've been told that NZ is a compact Canada, geographically. Any pictures I've seen are gorgeous. I would love to one day see it for myself.

Awareness said...

Mark....It is a wonderful quote isn't it? I was thinking today about prayer, which for me naturally evolves and flows when I'm surrounded by the outdoors. when I think of the times when my connection to a higher power was felt, it has always been either in a canoe, up on top of a hill, in the middle of the woods, along a stream, walking along the shore, standing in the is always when I'm in the middle of nature.....
Maybe playing and praying really do go hand in hand.