Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Everything depends on the lens you use.
Make your gaze beautiful. "
John O'Donahue


kenju said...

A wonderful quote - and the strawberries are luscious!

Awareness said...

thank you Judy! I took the photo yesterday right after I had hulled them. Then we devoured the pesky little buggers. Made me feel a bit of summer filtered into the house.

urbanmonk said...

My my...

colour and texture and rich detail..Life in all its Chirascuro

Gypsy said...

Never a truer word spoken. It's a little bit like the glass half full/empty thing. Two people will never see the same thing in the same way because we all look at things in a different way, both physically and metaphysically.

I so want to sink my teeth into that strawberry.....must go and buy me some :)

Awareness said...

Monk! Good to see you. When I captured this shot yesterday, I thought of YOU....hoping you'd see it. The lighting and colour reminded me of the apple shot you liked.
ps. I looked up chiarascuro....:) great word.....and it's all in the lighting.

Gypsy. The quote came at the end of a wonderful commentary about cleansing our thinking, cleaning our vision by reading beautiful poetry and educating ourselves in the classics....that it will help us gaze at beauty wherever we look.
ps. Strawberries are on sale this week.........a nice treat at this time of year around here. personally, I could live on them.