Wednesday, January 02, 2008

beaucoup de neiges......

We awoke to the second snowstorm in two days. Last night, it began to fall quickly right after dinner and continued unabated with strong blizzardy winds all night long. We awoke to drifts 10 feet high in some spots.........lucky for us, it was right on our driveway. Lucky (very) we are surrounded by wonderful neighbours who love their big snowblowing toys. By the time we got out to deal with the deluge, the end of our driveway had been blown out. How nice is that??They even found our morning paper and put it in between the doors!

to give you an indication of just how deep things are around here.......the basketball net at the end of our front lawn. yikes.

the bushes in front of my house are about three feet high.........and where are they?

this is the drift at the side of the is about 5 feet higher than moi! A wall of snow is quite a sight, even to a Canuck. Yes, the amount of snow we have received so far this year (and we had a week of it melting somewhere along the line......) is even dumbfounding the residents. It's been a long time since I remember so much was the year my son was born and I was home on maternity leave with him. That was 10 years ago. Now, hes's in sledding bliss with his buddies..........and just have to go down to the end of our street for a hill fun enough to spend an afternoon on.

There is a van somewhere in there............we did get it out with relatively few problems. It's funny, by the time a few snowstorms do their trick around here, most people are used to it. They clear it out as best as they can and continue on with their plans. Mine today? I spent a lovely couple of hours with a friend who just got back from spending Christmas with the troops in Afghanistan, catching up since we last spoke in the fall during his run for nomination of the local candidacy..........sipping latte drinks (I think I've had two of those in my entire life. I think I could become addicted to those........) and assessing the political landscape federally. So much for being snowed in.

Yes, life carries on as much as normal as we can. The roads were filled with others on their way to their destinations. Stores and businesses were were government offices. Snowdays when things shut down completely are very rare around here.....well, except for the schools. They close up if theres a whiff of flakes.

And yet, I'm sure there are MANY places in this country (Toronto, ahem........) which would completely and utterly shut down and call a state of emergency over this latest blanketing. :)

This picture was actually taken on New Years Day morning BEFORE the second storm hit. When Lily and I went out this morning to check things out, the snow was over her shoulders! She had to jump like an otter to get out of the drift.

Tomorrow.......................with the windchill? Sunny and -35 degrees celcius. I think I may have to dig out my Jimmy Buffett music.
I hope a day on the slopes are in the offing in the next week or so. It's been a long time since I strapped on the's time again to re-introduce myself to a day bombing down the hill. I hope it's like riding a never forget. :)
If you'd like to see more beautiful photos of winter in Fredericton, check out Charles' blog. He has a multitude of wonderful pics...............just keep scrolling through and you'll find some fine shots of downtown. Oh, and BTW.......congrats to you superblogger monsieur leblanc for winning the NB political blogger award run by Spinks. Like I said in the comments there, I would've whooped your ass if the category had been touchy feely navel gazing blog of the year award HANDS DOWN!!
Perhaps I need to get back to some political writing and get into the game, n'est pas?? I've got a few good ideas in my rightwing redtory back pocket....yesssirrreeee I do.


Rainbow dreams said...

wow thats beautiful.. and flipppin freezing...
that really is snow...
have fun if you do get skiing..
my once only ski attempts were .. very fast... think I was a little overambitious and did end up scaring myself!
Will be thinking of you tomorrow, x

Awareness said...

Hi Katie....I forgot to mention....that BIG wreath?? That's the one I made from the tips I cut that day I went for a walk on my friend's property....the one I posted photos on?
ps. my french oral test is on Friday. au maudit.

Hey Charles.......whatcha doin tomorrow? Want to help me prepare for my french test??? Would you parle lentement for moi so I could understand your ADHD-ness?

Spinks said...

Touchy feeling navel gazing blog of the year is yours HANDS DOWN. LOL. Bon français aussi et tu as raison, il y avait beaucoup de neiges.

PS : There's no competing with Charles. I learned that a long time ago. A computer, a camera and lots of time on his hands makes him unstoppable.

Rainbow dreams said...

my mistake... will think on friday then!! :)
fantastic wreath.. can see why it took a while to make.
I won't be joining you in French practice - sadly mine was left at 'o' level years ago now.. though i did quite enjoy it at the time...

Charles LeBlanc said...

There's only one problem?

Je parle le chiac et pas le langage des maudit Quebecois ou Quebecoise!!!

Mais si tu veus parler en avant un cafe? Pas de probleme du tout!!!

Envoie-moi un courier l'feure et 'endroit?

Je serai la!!!!

Spinks? Oui j'ai trop de temps dans mes mains mais c'est la vie!!!

Awareness said...

Spinks....merci.....Je comprende qui je ne gagne jamais quand Charles dans la competition.

charles, je veut parlez en avant un cafe.

Mais, je suis demain occupé peut-être que nous pourrions parler vendredi matin ?

how's that? Frig!!! that took me WAY too long to figure out. I am going to TANK on this test!!!! I'm sure I completely fucked that up.

Je prends que je bois beaucoup de vin avant le test.

Awareness said...

Katie. merci. Le wreath a pris beaucoup de temp, mais j'aime le result. Je ne veut pas le prendre et throw it in the garbage yet. :)

Charles LeBlanc said...

Envoie moi un email pour me reminder!!! < chiac >


Gypsy said... french to spout here....

Those pics are awesome! That is a massive amount of snow by anybody's standards. What fun and how I wish I was rolling round naked in some of those I'll leave you with that disturbing thought :)