Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nerds to the Rescue!

There is a second hand store nearby which we frequent often, especially around this time of year to find just the right garments for Halloween creativity. For two months, my son was determined that he would go out for Halloween this year as a renegade teletubbie. He was going to be Po on the lam. So off we went to Jinglers in search of red Po stuff. Instead, we found a pair of pants with a zipper up the back and an argyle vest and a pair of glasses and Po went out the window to be replaced by a nerd.

All tucked in and everywhere to go, this dreamboat ladies man had his hair slicked down just right by his sister and I. When he looked in the mirror for the first time with the duct tape on his glasses and his hair parted to the side, he laughed so hard that tears rolled down his face!! It was priceless. Though I promised not to post these...........I had my fingers crossed......... I couldn't help myself. This second shot is of my heartmelter son doing his best pose of a nerd with something on his mind. He cracks me up.

We had lots of ghouls and demons knock on the door tonight.......a couple of Harry Potters, a bunch of football players, a king, a mint and a few ghosts. But, I have to say we only had one nerd in the neighbourhood.

Happy Halloween. This is our nasty pumpkin gnawing on a baby pumpkin. BAAAAD pumpkin.


Open Grove Claudia said...

He's gorgeous. And what a great costume!

Marja said...

Oh what a great fun. His whole act is like a nerd. We don't have much Halloween here, although my daughter went to a halloween party so it is startng. How old is your son?

Awareness said...

Claudia.....He loved the costume that's for sure. I think he looks like a British MP wannabe!

Marja. Halloween is quite a big deal here....and it was when I was a child too. This town is very safe, so the door to door trick or treating is still done without any problems. My neighbours, most of whom have grown up kids, get a kick out of the little ones.

My son is 10 years old.....but I believe he was born with an old soul.....and a bit of Steve Martin in him.

St. Kevin & the Blackbird said...

That's no nerd! That's Jamie when we met in university!

Awareness said...

Robin......And to think I missed out on knowing Sir James when he was such a fashion stylist! It's a good thing he met me......I made him turf all of his argyle vests early on......and of course all of his pants that zipped up in the back.
Suave and sophsiticated he is now.

ps. hilarious xo