Thursday, October 11, 2007

What's out there??

View of Saint John Harbour, October 5th
When you look out onto the water
which flows outward beyond the horizon
do you dream of adventures
of new places to explore
of unending possiblities?
Do you simply look out onto the water and say:
What a nice view. Now lets go eat?
Dreams take us to place we can only imagine.

Lots of jotting down words over the past couple of days, trying to capture the essence of my drifting thoughts. I dont feel overly focused all the time, like I normally am. It seems to come and go as I slow my pace to fit the season. It seems to me I'm ahead of myself however. It seems to me that my pre-occupation with the desire to hibernate, to chill out doesn't normally hit me until the snow starts flying. It's normally a January occupation, not one that hits in October.

I'm tired. But, I'm also inspired. I have such a strong desire to simply let it flow so time becomes entwined with my activity. I'm tired because my brain keeps churning out preoccupations of topics I wish to explore. My brain is busy processing and I have this desire to head under the covers to let it take root or something. This is probably why hibernation seems like a good idea. My ideas right now, fueled by my choice of reading are saplings in need of time to store grow stronger inward before it can allow it's branches to stretch outward.

Recently, I had a conversation with a "Pal" who talked about never feeling bored. He described himself as a dreamer.........someone who can easily slip into the mode of creating a story from a dream and take it into place where imagination reigns. It doesn't take much for him to head into a dream.........a collection of interesting clouds, a new horizon........spending time observing the flow of the river. Any daily wonder is fodder for his illustrative dreams. And because of this ability, he is never stuck with nothing to do. There's ALWAYs something to create in one's imagination. And I have to agree with him. Boredom is the death knell of creativity, whereas dreams are the primary colour watercolour paints to bring a canvas to life.

Theres a difference between dreaming at night while asleep. More often than not it seems that this type of dreaming is a processing of the past. Reflective processing in order to figure it out. Day time dreaming with your eyes wide open is a place where "what if" welcomes possibility and in turn promotes the very idea......the very dream has the potential to become something. It could be an could be the development of a new story. Day time dreams feed hope, sparks motivation, stimulates the imagination. Boredom is not in the picture.

Many people don't dream big for one reason or another. Some find it to be a waste of precious time...........these people are stern taskmasters who push through life with flurry, in a hurry and with much fury. Some find dreaming more work than not, so they decide to keep their heads shoved in the sand away from creative opportunities. Dreams awaken you........they call out to you to follow a NEW train of dabble in challenging the status quo.

I guess this is where I am right now.........entertaining new dream possiblities, and wondering which ones I would like to pursue........which colours do I want to paint my next canvas with. It is tiring..............churning brain stimulations do that to you. So, as I invite new dreams over to settle into my unsettled brain the desire to find a stillness under the covers increases. However, that luxury is not a realistic goal. Instead, I will have to find the time during my busy days to slip away into my dreamy head whenever I can and see where some of them lead.

My journal jotting will be my I have miles to go before I sleep.


Marja said...

Kia Ora This is my first visit to your site. I not only like your ideas, but how you put your ideas into words is magnificent "dreams are the primary watercolours paints to bring a canvas to life" I love it.
I am going to read you more often so I put you to my list.

Marja said...

I mean second visit. I type faster than I think

K said...

Daytime = future, nightime = past...that's an interesting concept. I think nighttime also equals present....just stuff that you're dealing with and don't know what to do with.

I've been writing a lot too lately. I say it's the cold weather. Gets the brain and blood pumping :P

Becky68 said...

I know what you mean about never being bored- though as a child I was often bored - now I never have enough time to do all the things I think of that I'd like to do!
Michele sent me tonight- beautiful picture too.

paris parfait said...

Ah, the unlimited power of the imagination! I don't get bored, simply because I usually see or read something that interests me - and when all else fails, I use my imagination. Lately I've found that creativity can be found if we dig deep enough - even when we don't think we feel like being creative - when we just want to watch a movie or read a book, rather than face a blank computer screen. Focus is the key, at least for me. I am easily distracted, but I'm getting better at focusing and it's not always hard work to be creative. And the Robert Frost line "...miles to go before I sleep" is one of my alltime favourites. "But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep." xo