Thursday, July 22, 2010

lying and sneaking and cheating, oh my.

Sad how we live in a society so corupt of the values we espouse but never apply.  Sad how we have it in ourselves a gene that makes us so interested in the pain of another.  We have grown accustomed to as well as numbed by the mean antics of others applied to another human being.  Have we tripped the light on empathy and respect?  Do we live in a place of denial where our vitriolic hurtful actions get cleansed by the neurotic delusions that what we do doesn't hurt another person.  Does voyeurism, no matter what the cost,  trump doing the right thing?  

Values, particularly the key ones tied to humanity and living a life where kindness, integrity faithfulness, loyalty, and love, seem like they have become fleeting thoughts (oh, that would be a nice idea our brains say) rather than applied actions.  There are so many bald face liars out there, its difficult to know who is an imposter and who isn't. 

Lying is an art and if you're good at it, my God you can fool anyone.  Except yourself.  Oh, sure you can carry on living in a place of denial.  You can surround yourself with others who believe your lies and grand illusions.  You can even talk yourself into believing another reality than what is the truth.  Heck, you can even play the role of victim so beautifully that you convince even the most sceptical being.  But one day?  The curtain will lift.  The most brilliant white light will be shining directly on you.  And all of a sudden, every grey hair, pock mark, scar, and wrinkle.... every shivering quivery lie, every moment you were sneaky, voyeristically snooping into another person's life just for a thrill will be visible to YOU!

Don't think you're invisible.  Don't ever believe other's are blind to the way you have chosen to live your life void of applying the values you so carefully collected every Sunday while attending church.  Oh!  You stopped attending??? You may have a beautiful sweet sounding voice.  Who knows?  You may always carry yourself surrounded by a breeze of supposed innocence so that many get pulled into your fake humility.  Just be aware that you are nakedly exposed......... take a look.  Mirror, Mirror.  

Justify.  Justify your actions.  Can you do it?  Why is it that people can rarely walk their talk?   Say one thing?  Do the right thing.  

Action ................ Reaction.   My turn...... I'm acting.

Lying and sneaking and cheating make me want to wretch.  

ps.  And to the three or so UNB readers who have been scouring my blog for extensive "visits" over the past couple of days?  I'm assuming you were looking for a voyeuristic buzz?  'm blogging this one especially for you.  Hope you enjoyed the posts you carefully summoned up from your workstations.  Hope it was titilating enough to take you away from what you should've been doing.  Working!  Shalom.


The Original Princess said...

I'm so glad you are exactly the way you are. xoxo

awareness said...

Back at you, Loralei! Hey sweet Princess, I need my pole dancing lessons maintenant. Toute de suite, svp. xxx :)

Twain12 said...

oh my ,sounds disturbing. I like how strong you sound...hope they get the drift :)

Anonymous said...

Tell it like it is, sistah. LOVE it!!!

Susan Deborah said...

Seared with an iron rod, our consciences. Dana, how guilty I am of that. Then it hurts and only I know the hurt. It's way too personal to share.

I'm glad you shared this.

Still trying and trying.

Joy always,

awareness said...

Twain...I think they will. It was pretty obvious they weren't reading here for anything but looking for dirt and not because they have any respect. The words they googled and then queried once they got to the blog informed me of that.

awareness said...

Selma....was thinking of this quote when I pounded on the keys for this post..... "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss. :)

awareness said...

Susan, me too. Truth only seeps out when we seek real solitude. And that is no place for sissies eh? :)