Sunday, July 18, 2010

kiss the world beautiful......

A feast for the soul
Life celebrating
Reflecting faith
Heart tripping
Wondrously enhancing
Awe inspiring
Radiant.........simply radiant.


I heard......

the song of the birds
the voice of a troubadour
the words of a friend.
Vivaldi streaming out into the open air....

I felt......

the touch of a loved one
the peace of tranquility
the marvel of a connection.
the embrace of gratitude.
the breeze of a summer's day. 

I inhaled......

the aroma fresh mown grass
the sun bursting with rain
the lingering scent of clean laundry
the wafting essence of lavender bubbles

I tasted.....

fresh strawberries
cold water
a crisp glass of wine
pink lipstick on my lips
peppermint coolness

I saw.....

my son laugh so hard he couldn't speak
a doe grazing on a neighbour's front lawn
a hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower
my own reflection
the smile of a friend.....
the eyes of desire

At twilight, I watched darkness envelop the trees leaving them as unmoving silouettes against a cloudless sky.  Tangerine light seeped through the branches, ..... the last remnants of a sunset I had watched reflect off the river as it drew closer to the treetopped hills.  Not a ripple on the river tonight.  Calm as though it wasn't moving..... as though there was no current moving below the surface, the river received the light and bounced it back up to kiss the little islands and shoreline greenery. Beautiful.

Beauty.  It is all around us.  As I sat quietly reflecting on the light that shone beauty on my day, I was surprised by how many of these moments I encountered.  In one day.  Not that it was any particularly special day. 
Or maybe it was. 
On second thought.......Yes, it was.
They are all special.  Especially Sundays.

On the surface, my Sunday seemed calm as though it wasn't moving.  It may not have been moving too quickly, but it unfolded so beautifully that by the time I found myself sitting alone in twilight silence, my cup was filled with the grace of God's creative magic.

It is now nighttime.  I am content.  Almost as content as I feel when I'm kneeling on the thwarts of a canoe.  When I awoke this morning, I put on Martyn Joseph's music to accompany me while I made breakfast and tidied up..... I listened to this beautiful man sing while remembering the moment at the Greenbelt Festival when we bumped into one another in front of the grandstand. He hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek as though we had been friends for a long time.  It warmed my heart.  I had just met him that weekend, had spoken to him during late night gatherings back at the hotel.  

When we met in front of the grandstand, he asked me if I had time to pick up a CD that had been put aside for someone.  I told him it was no problem..... He then told me to tell the Manager at the music tent that he wanted me to have a copy too.  As I listened to him sing in my kitchen this morning, our encounter vividly jumped out into the forefront of my memories.... as did the two concerts I attended when this troubadour was onstage.  His CD is entitled....... "Kiss the World Beautiful......."  

I took him up on it today. And you know what?  The world kissed back.  Beautifully.  Thank you Martyn.

I want to kiss the world beautiful
I want to kiss your lips tonight.
Sometimes it's just more important to love
Than to always have it right


becca808 said...

Amazing! What a beautiful journey of words through your day!

Kay said...

*MUAH*!! yip. simply wonderful!

awareness said...

becca... thank you. Sundays are my favourite. They seem to capture beauty in a different light.

Kay.... and one back to you... beautiful poetess.

JP/deb said...

you captured the beauty of the world around you so exquisitely ... awesome!