Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday morning JOY.

I first heard this Michael Franti song about a month ago while driving home from work. It LIT me up! Amazing how one song can boost your spirits up into the clouds.... This one does it for me. I love the very idea that Franti sings about.... that Rain is the sound of sunshine.... It is a metaphor for life.

This morning, as I thoroughly enjoy my Sunday morning just putting and feeling as sense of freedom and completeness, I am up dancing like nobody's watching. Well guess what? NO ONE is! I drove my son to the basement. My energy was too much for him to take.

Beautiful..... JOY on a Sunday morning. We create it with a little help from the music in our lives. Enjoy!!! Dance!!!!

ps. I have no idea why the youtube video doesn't fit within the borders of my blog. I guess because the song needs to be played loudly..... it's too BIG for borders. :)

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