Wednesday, December 26, 2007

reindeer games

Growing up together, these shiny happy terrific kids.
I love them all.

The name of the game is Boutros Boutros Ghali, named after the Egyptian United Nations leader a while back. It's not that he invented the game.........I think it became named this because his is so cool. All you need is a pile of little pieces of paper, some pens and a bowl. Two teams are formed. Everyone writes down names of famous or not so famous (obscure) people on the scraps of paper and then throws them in the bowl. Each team takes turns, with one volunteer from their team describing the person picked out of the bowl, without using the fast as possible. The goal is to describe as many people as you can in a minute.

Boutros Ghali is a fast paced fun game we play often when groups of us get together. Over the years, the kids have joined us, or have played their own version in another room. Last night, after the big Christmas feast shared by three families, the kids challenged the parents to a Boutros duel........the first time we were pitted against one another. And, they whipped our asses. Given that we are a competitive bunch, this came as a shocker. It was like they were in the zone together, often only having to offer one or two words to describe the person and they would guess right!

They laughed until they fell over. We laughed at them laughing until they fell over.

After this mornings sober second thought.......perhaps it was payback time..........I mean I did make them all don antlers and reindeer noses at the dinner table.

It was a great day. One of my favourite moments? Right in the middle of dinner, before we got too silly, each person was given a photo of another person sitting at the dinner table and they were asked to say something about the person in the photo. Memories of times together were shared.......feelings about another person's gifts were expressed........a few laughs were provided.....a chance to acknowledge another was embraced.

Who needs a turkey dinner when the food is fellowship? Having stated that, I have to say the turkey AND the music were really excellent even though it won't be what is remembered down the road. It will be the laughs, the beautiful spoken grace as we held hands. It will be the games and the time together.............that's what will last in our memories. Well, except perhaps for my son. He'll remember eating a lot of bacon. Yes, bacon was served for breakfast!

Today, a chance to hunker down to watch movies and read. (Grace Eventually was tucked in my stocking.....:) ) Boxing Day may be known as a shopping day for many. For me, it means staying in my jammies on the couch under a blanket.

The boys acting out a new version of a Christmas Carol. Turns out Scrooge (in red) was gay. It "totally" cracked these two up.... :)


Open Grove Claudia said...

Those hats are hysterical! What a delightful way to spend your holiday! I admire the way you are able to create joy and peace in your life.

Gypsy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. We always used to play charades on Christmas night when we were kids which provided hours of "entertainment".

I usually love to veg out on Boxing Day but we had to go to Round 2 of the Christmas festivities and Round 3 is today. Sheesh....I'm tired.

kenju said...

Michele sent me this time, but you know I am here everyday - even if I don't comment. What a nice looking bunch of kids! Those hats and noses are hysterical. Happy New Year!

paris parfait said...

What wonderful family photos! And we played Boutros Boutros Ghali in my Spanish class in Seville. So glad you had a terrific Christmas. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Happy New Year, Dana! xo

Awareness said...

Claudia. They were the best deal too! 50 cents each! When I was at the cash counter with 12 of them in my hand, the women standing in line all looked quizzical. So, I explained to them my plan was to make everyone at my Christmas dinner table wear them....they all laughed. One of them went off to get her own bunch.

I was so pleased the kids were still into my orchestrations. I think because they are often included in the potlucks etc throughout the year that they have stayed engaged in it all. yawning just thinking about three rounds of celebration! no wonder you're tired!

Judy.....i sent everyone home with their antlers and noses. I loved the first pic I posted here. They are such beautiful kids both inside and out, and they get along so well.....ranging in age from 10-16. In fact my son whose 10 is closest to the oldest girl in the pic. They have always had a special closeness.

Tara........I can't imagine playing Boutros Ghali in another language! I can see how helpful it would be to learn and to use a wide range of new words. interesting. Happy New Year to you too.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Wonderful, joyful Christmas photos - thanks for sharing the spirit of your celebration. Peace & blessings to you, dear Dana. xx, JP/deb