Tuesday, December 11, 2007

simply beyond reason.......

it is

beyond common sense
far from proof
salve for fear and worry
high above reality

it is


it is

the act of believing
the undercurrent of light
the first step in the dark night
the soft pillow on a hard ground
the openhanded gift of trust

it is the imagination of the spirit fed by transcendent glimpses
where beauty dwells
where serenity accepts
where peace is felt past the known horizon
in the eternal angle of repose

some say it begins with skepticism
while others scoff at the very idea.....

"Show me PROOF" they demand.
"Where's the evidence?"
"Bah! Humbug.....it's all a bunch of dogmatic mumbo jumbo."

Every person experiences in their life "moments when there is a lifting of the veil at the horizon of the known, opening the sight of the eternal, " according to Abraham Heschel in his book "A Philosophy of Religion." He believes that through fateful encounters, inexplainable connections with others and with nature........through events in our lives, we catch sight of beauty and grace. Perhaps it is a split second awareness of being in a moment at exactly the right time, or experiencing a deeper essence through prayer......a window opens to possibility. Some close that window and promptly forget, while others wedge it to remain open in order to be reminded of light enhanced possiblity.

An open window at the right angle of repose shines light on spiritual imagination. The dance of faith knows no boundaries. Leap like nobody's watching!

"Faith takes us to a place
where we stake our destiny
on the truth of invisible reality"
Rabbi Abraham Heschel


Neo said...

AW - I dunno about having to have a chance encounter. I believe that those moments are always around us. Most people care to not see them or don't know how to tune into them.


- Neo

Matthew said...

Thanks for the reminder--magic is always in the air if we are open to its recognition.

Awareness said...

Hey Neo......I don't think they are chance encounters. I believe they are prescient (did I spell that right??). I also believe they are all around us too if we're paying attention. Like Synchroncity....it happens more regularly if you are alert to them.

How I interpreted what Heschel was stating is that there are certain more pronounced moments which seem to resonate. they reinforce our faith, and when one is feeling less inclined to believe in faith, perhaps by reconnecting to that moment through memory we remain loyal to our faith.

Matthew......It is magic isn't it? I mean how can you ever try explaining the a night sky?

Marja said...

What a beautiful reflection on religion and faith. I am blessed to have experienced many of those moments although I can't say I had them when i was younger. or maybe you are less open to them when you are young. I also believe in guardian angels. I always came out remarkably well when i put myself in a dangerous situation or when I had an accident.

Just Jen said...


paris parfait said...

A wonderful reminder that life must be lived and risks taken to live it fully. You write so beautifully, Dana. xo