Sunday, December 20, 2009

peace and temptation.

Is peace ever the result of following through on a temptation?  Seduction of the senses so often awakens in us a longing to fill an emptiness we may not even be aware of until our attention is provoked by an alluring invitation.  Bathed in light, we become mesmerized by the flirtatious mirage off in the distance.  Thoughts hone in on the hunger pangs pulsating with desire which turn a "want" into an unrestrained illusionary need.  They hum cloaked lullabies to our longing spirits.  Our senses become rattled by the charming dare of temptation's shiny gleam, by the instant gratification of satisfying mouth watering urgency.   

Need it, want it.....just a little taste.... just a little spoonful of dare's sweetness.

Sometimes we succumb.  Challenged by its calling........its invitation to accept the dare, we step closer to the glowing light it bathes in and let it shower us with soothing rapture.  Sometimes we hold ourselves back by the very tips of our sensibilities, like we are clinging to a ledge. The temptation remains alive, breathing down on our shivering flesh, reminding us of its ever present bite.  Sometimes we can face the alluring energy with resolve, by controlling the blood red blush we initially feel during the first encounter. We choose to step away.   

Three very different endings....... and I wonder if peace can be held again in the palms of our hands no matter what door we choose to open at a given time in our lives. Life is never void of temptation.  

We are never perfect in the choices we make.  If we can forge on towards new awareness, new understanding of what we as individuals hunger for, we can reach a place where we re-introduce ourselves with humility.  Temptations are fraught with lessons.  Their daring bravado can enlighten new learning, and can offer opportunities to reach a place where we can shed our ways, where pleasurable fulfillment leads to consequential truths.  Humbling in all its nakedness isn't it? 

An apple anyone?

This week's tempting word prompt is Dare.  This time of year, our temptations challenge us with such cheekiness.  The little daredevils!  Check out other interpretations at Sunday Scribblings.  I double dare you.........


Nara Malone said...

A thoughtful exploration. I think we grow whichever path we choose.

Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

beautiful writing...your words draw me in! very neat and well done.
peace to you

awareness said...

Nara... It was a good exercise for me to contemplate the idea of temptation beyond the surface definition. It made me realize that we do grow whichever path we choose

Mark said...

Very well written! It is interesting that we still believe that in some way it is more holy or good to not give into temptations. When we live in love, we see that so called temptations are not temptations at all, they simply are an expression of who we are. Don't want to be tempted than change the reflection.

awareness said...

Tanya...welcome and thank you. It's exactly what I wanted to do.... a temptation to read on.

Mark...I agree, though there are some we still have to resist. They cross our values boundaries.

Anonymous said...

Love it, Dana.

speaks volumes to me.

right where I am right now, but thankfully, I seem to have a foothold on my self enough that I'm not a slave to the temptation. i guess the tides have turned a bit....keeping in mind that they do tend to gain strength when I think I'm above it all. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Or is it that I let down my guard??

Dee Martin said...

unfortunately this time of year there are many temptations! Cookies and spending too much, holiday sales, cheesecake - aaarg I dare say I will give in to some of those!!