Monday, December 07, 2009

a dream....wanna figure it out for me??

A couple of weeks ago, I had a strange, strange dream that was so vividly detailed that it felt like I created a story in my sleep.  The details have remained with me.  They haven't faded whatsoever like most dreams that meet me when I wake up.  I've shared it with a few people, but this is the first time trying to encapsulate it in words.  Here she blows.........................

It begins with me entering the dining room located in an old historic building (for the folks from around here it was the restaurant at Kings Landing).  Though I've never been to this particular place in real life, in my dream I knew exactly where I was.  The dining room was decorated with dark wood.  The tables were harvest style, but darkly stained.  A huge fieldstone fireplace made the place feel so inviting, so cozy.  Seated at the table were 12 or so people... all familiar to me.  Strangely, the collection of people, who are friends of mine, but they don't know one another in real life.  In the dream, however, they do.

There was a strong feeling of sadness coming from this group.  I felt it right away.  So, I approached them and asked what was wrong and was told that a mutual friend had died.  They had all just been to her funeral.  I was stunned and shocked by this news.  The name of the person who died in my dream was never stated.......though I have a picture in my head post dream of what she looked like..... and she resembles no one I know.  Still, I was so saddened because she was young and had just had a baby.  The baby was present with this group of people.  About 8 months old, he seemed oblivious about losing his mother.  He was the kind of infant who is smiley and not fussy at all and enjoyed being passed back and forth from adult to adult who all took comfort in interacting with him.

I asked if I could hold him and he was passed to me right away.  I stood there and held him for a while, unconsciously rocking him in my arms while I spoke to the group, asking for details of the death and the funeral etc.  Then, I walked away with the baby, out of the dining room and down a long carpetted hallway.  Feeling such grief, I decided I just needed to walk slowly on my own while cradling him.  After a few minutes, all of a sudden, a strange sense of peace came over me and the knowledge that the friend who had died was alright.  She was safe and peacefully surrounded by loved ones who had passed on too.

Then, I was struck with the intuition that I had been "informed" of this information somehow through the baby, who was comfortably settled in my arms staring and smiling at me.  Of course he was too young to talk.  Still, I asked him and through some kind of telekinesis, he communicated to me that he was a conduit to the otherworld.  He could communicate with the dead and pass on messages to loved ones still on earth.  With this knowledge, I tried it out and asked him to find out how certain people were in Heaven and within moments, replies came.  It was astonishing!  I went back to the dining room to tell the others.......... and to tell them that our mutual friend, the infant's Mother was peaceful and happy.

They all rejoiced after learning and began asking the baby to contact others they had longed to know about.  It was a flurry of activity........... this communication line from where we stood alive and in the flesh to a place on the other side.  Throughout it all, I held the baby in my arms.  He continued to appear to be content and unbothered by the barrage of requests.  However, I could feel something changing inside him.  I could feel him aging and knew right away that the energy it took for him to connect with the dead was prematurely aging him. 

I told the group this.......... that our requests were impacting his development.  I told them that we should stop because the baby was using up his life energy in order to comply to our wishes.  But they wouldn't stop.  They didn't care.  It was more important that they communicate with the dead....... to resolve their issues, to pass on the messages they regretfully never uttered while their loved ones were alive, to feel the "presence" of people they missed dearly.  So important to them that they lost any empathy for the sweet little innocent baby I was holding in my arms.  I tried to stop them over and over, but they wouldn't listen to me. 

I stood there frozen on the spot as this baby continued to age inside and grow weaker in energy.  And the more I stood there, the more angry I became at their selfish self absorbed behaviour. However, I had no power to stop it. 

Then, I woke up, told my husband and completely creeped him out. 

What does it mean?  Does it mean anything?  I'm sure there are some symbols in it.... something interpretative, but I don't have a clue.  Can I just add that no hallucinagenic drugs were used during this episode? 


kenju said...

I have no idea what it means, but I'll think about it. I noted this
"I could feel him aging and knew right away that the energy it took for him to connect with the dead was prematurely aging him." because it was the same thing that doctors told Edgar Cayce when he was giving so many readings during WW2. He wasn't a baby, of course, but the stress of giving readings for so many people who wanted to know about their sons/husbands/fathers in the war was too much for him. He wouldn't quit, because he wanted to help people and it caused his death.

Sarah Brush said...

Hi Dana,

Not totally sure on this one but certainly a baby can mean a part of yourself or an idea and the dining room context might be linked with feeding (spiritual, emotional or intellectual) and going off into the hallway might be you exploring something on your own. I hope that helps a little

awareness said...

Judy, that is so fascinating. His name sounded familiar, but I didn't really know much about him. I just read up a little this intrigued now! Thanks.

Sarah....That helps a lot. A couple of light bulbs went off in my head when I read your comment. I hadn't seen the dream as one where I was processing things, but knowing how much had been going on in my work and personal life, puzzling things, the gathering around the table, the walk down the hallway.... and the idea I had that the baby did feel a part of me when there was communication between he and myself..... seeking answers to questions without any? :)
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Acts 2:17
“‘And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams;

Not sugesting your an old man

Sounds like things from your
personal life are all coming together, maybe the desire of wanting the world to be as empathtic and caring as you are.


The House on Big Island said...

Hi Muskie,

Has your email address changed? If so, please send me your up-to-date info.



Anonymous said...

Dana, you need a rest. A real rest. Or at least, feel free to get into the Christmas cheer - Advent has arrived.

Brother David said...

Dreams are dreams, unless you are awake.
However, analysing dreams is something else altogether.

awareness said...

Mavis... Thank God I don't have these type of dreams every night or if I do I don't remember them. !!
Sarah's points have intrigued me all day, and they make sense to me. My personal life is coming together, but I think it was an avenue to process the whole new world I am finding myself in, and it was also tied to my experience at Greenbelt.

Daisy.... I sent you an email. Hope to hear from you soon.

Anon.... who are you?? Yes, I need a rest.... a real one, but I'm thriving still as I try to find the balance of my days. I don't know if you know this because I don't know who this is so I don't know if we've had a recent conversation, but I have been focused on Advent and its meaning all week. In fact, I was going to write about it.

David.... I tried to let this one dream settle and not try to figure it out..... but I was so intrigued by its layers..... I have to admit too. I sometimes dream when I'm awake.... especially if I'm trapped in a meeting. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dana,
I'm sure you know more about dream analysis than I do, but in the little bit I've studied on Jungian interpretation, every character in the dream represents a part of yourself.

I was going to suggest that the baby was the part of you that is so open and empathetic to those you minister to, and that part that gives you peace and helping to heal others. You (holding the baby) might be the protective "mother" that says IT"S TIME TO REST. Those people who ignored you might be that part of you that insists on continuing even when you're exhausted (if you do this...I don't know). Going down the hallway? Might be your instinct to get away and nurture yourself, to listen to that instinct.

Just a few thoughts.

I personally love these kinds of dreams and find them very healing. I think they are a gift to teach us what is going on and where we can grow.

awareness said...

Jen, thank you for this. Very cool. I have only ever read a little on dreams and analysis, but not for a long time. I studied some Jung, but only from a counselling and personal development perspective. So, your comments are really helpful and fit with me. As for trying to be heard when I'm exhausted? Bang on. :)

I agree.... I think these dreams are a gift to personal growth and awareness. I am always amazed at the creative side to them!

Marja said...

Oh my god What a fascinating dream One you could ponder on for a while. I surely think it is a symbolic and a spiritual dream.
Maybe some things need to remain unknown because it ages you or it a too big a step to take.
Dreaming of entering houses usually has to do with entering yourself. I got a dream explained on a community counselling course. I had a very detailed impacting dream only twice. The one was just in the week of the counseeling by
coincedence. I llove these dreams

awareness said...

Marja. Dreams like these remind me of how we have the capacity to heal ourselves through resting and relaxing. I'm astounded by people's dreams and the symbolic creativity we are capable of imagining.
I believe this one of mine is quite symbolic, and am comfortable with the idea that much of it will remain a mystery. I may never know... chances are good of this. but, I think by posting it, the feedback I've received has been very enlightening.... I have learned more than I would ever have had I kept it to myself. Different perspectives really help don't they?

Gypsy said...

Very intriguing indeed. Why don't you google the meaning of dreams and see what you can find. I would be interested to know what you find out. In the meantime I hope you have much sweeter dreams in the future. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD has many books / books on tape about dreams and symbolism. Great stuff!!

awareness said...

Gypsy.... I think I may get my hands on one of those books Jen's recommended. I'll let you know what I find.

Jen. thanks. I appreciate that. I'll ask my partner in crime to seek one out at his place of work... the Library! :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I've never truly understood people trying to interpret the "meaning" of dreams, and certainly would not even attempt to say what I think it means because I will only be telling you what I think it means through my own senabilities and experience and, I didn't have the dream...So, I pass this on to you:
About 40 years ago I heard an erxplaination about how to figure out what dreams actually mean and this is the only thing that I think makes any sense. This person said..."What is important in any dream is/are not the details of it, but How You Felt during the dream..." This person was a Dr./Therapist and someone I trusted.
How you felt during the dream is the clue to what it really means, for you. And, that makes perfect sense to me, Dana....And I have found it was the key to the meaning of my dreams, for me, ever since.
Give it a whirl, my dear.