Thursday, December 31, 2009

blue moons...........

Full moon over the Saint John River, Dec. 2009
taken from my driveway.

An ancient folklorist once said that a blue moon has a face on it that will speak to anyone whose light it shines on.  Tonight, under the second moon of the month, on the last night of the year we have an opportunity to converse with the moon.  Howl at it too if we want to.  Or maybe just lift our glass of cheer and toast its constant presence.  For no matter how sunny, cloudy, or thunderous the world around us becomes, we can rely that silly moon to be right up there in the sky.

So much of life is temporal..........a collection of fleeting moments strung together haphazardly.  How we respond to the events is basically the only thing we have any control over.  Personally, I abhor New Year's Eve and the celebration that happens at midnight.  I wish I had the capacity to program my brain to the light and fluffy dryer cycle in order to sail through the night in some sleepy bliss.  Wine helps.  But, you have to find that happy balance thing with wine.  Too little and it doesn't work.  Too much and you become a soppy mess of snot........ desperate to grab hold of the karoke microphone.  Ick.  Light and fluffy would be nice............ there are drugs for this state too I realize.  I just wish sometimes I could naturally fall into that blondish mindframe.

Unfortunately on nights like New Years, my brain is my enemy.  I get stuck in a groove of reflections and the fear of how quickly time is passing.  EVERY single YEAR!  Even though I will thankfully be surrounded by friends who know this about me.......... it is still so difficult to put this one stupid night into perspective.  I like it over.  Tomorrow will be afresh.

However, tonight............. I have a blue moon to converse with.  You do too. Let its light shine down on me.  Let its light shine down on you. I don't know about you, but I've got a helluvalot to say to it concerning this past decade. 

Happy New Year.  May we all take a good step forward into the mystery tonight. Change is in the air.!


sherry ♥ lee said...

How delightful that we have a blue moon tonight to carry us into the next decade!!

Here's hoping your conversation is promising and inspiring!! That's what I'm going for! :)

debra said...

Lovely post. I shall let this light shine on me and mine as we enter this hew year.

Selma said...

A blue moon has to be a good sign for the coming decade. I sometimes get a little too introspective on new Year's eve too. The moon and I have had a conversation or two. Wishing you much happiness for 2010, Dana XX

kenju said...

Amen and Happy New Year!!

Twain12 said...

Happy New Year

awareness said...

Hi all..... Oh, it is so nice to come home after ringing in the New Year to see all of these comments. :) The moon shone down on us tonight. It was very cool. It did look blue tonight because of the stormy haze surrounding it. We have snow in the forecast for the next two days..... a whole TON of it. The moon told me so.

Yes, I did have a good chat with old smiley face. I smiled back as I stood on a deserted street surrounded by white snowbanks. I wished everyone well too....... big hopes and best wishes for an awesome year ahead. Can't wait to see what it brings. 2010 was one for the memory books thats for sure.

awareness said...

ooooops! I meant to write 2009. Doh!

Gilly said...

A Happy New Year to you, and may it bring all that you wish for!

And I wish I had tha view from MY driveway!!

Gypsy said...

Normally I prefer to treat it as just another night but my brother threw a party last night and I really enjoyed myself. It was very hot during the day and I didn't think I would make it but then.....a lovely cool change came through that allowed me to attend and I took that as a sign of better things to come.

I hope this year is the one where everything falls into place Dana and rocks your world.

Happy New Year.

Walker said...

A blue moon to brighten up the night sky and usher in the New Year.
Sounds like the start of a perfect year

Happy New Year

Brother David said...

Just the other night we had a very srange glow in the sky. We have had a lot of snow and some of this light was being reflected back, also we had low fog and the light from the full moon was spread out like fluresent tubes. Very weird, but nice.
Happy New Year Dana.