Friday, December 11, 2009

what used to be.

 Boy for sale, Bath UK.

You can never go back to what use to be,
Returning is not part of your destiny.
Whatever happened, its all in the past,
No matter what present shadows it casts.
How much control do we have as we live out our lives?
Those choices we made unfurled with surprise.
History leaves us scratching in pain
Sometimes joyful memories to revisit again.
It was what it was, but when its all said and done.
Those moments are part of what's yet to come
You can never go back to what used to be.....
Becoming is part of your destiny.


Brother David said...

Love the words - especialy "Those moments are part of what's yet to come". Spoke to two young 15-year olds today and was able to affirm what they were doing and the choices they were making for their future. It is important to affirm young people in their journey.

TheChicGeek said...

I love this! I have found it to be very true in life. Sometimes something was so good we want to go back to it. Usually, it was good and perfect in that moment and it's never really the same going back. I believe that we do have a destiny...things that are meant to be will be. Our past moments are our lessons and when we listen and learn from them they propel us forward to even better places.

Hope all is well and happy in your life! It is good to visit you here today!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!
Hugs :))

awareness said...

David...I agree. Yesterday, I worked with a group of first year nursing students who range in age up to mid 40's. Many are in their late teens and early twenties. One of the exercises I did was to "practise" listening..... talked about it being the best gift you can give to someone. The question I wanted them to answer.... Why do you want to be a nurse. I encouraged them to dig deeper than the surface replies... to talk about their dreams and big pictures they have of seeing themselves eventually working on a ward in a hospital. The sharing was wonderful and affirming for all of them. They learned much about one another during this small part of the whole workshop. After we discussed all the reasons why, I left them with the question.... "What can I do to make my dream happen and what can I do to support my classmates to help them fulfill their dream?"
We all need affirmation don't we... but more so when we are not too sure about our footing.
My daughter is at a point in her life (age 16) where she is in need of affirmation about the choices she's making with respect to her future. We've had several conversations this fall on it all.... supporting her as she figures it out.

Kelly. Thank you. Don't you find that the things in the past that were good and perfect often spontaneously unfolded on their own and they surprised us with joy? We learn from it all... the good, the bad, and the ugly most of all! :)
All is well here..... Cheers to you and enjoy your weekend too!

surjit said...

Very very true:.
...'You can never go back to what used to be.....
Becoming is part of your destiny...'
And we can't shape our future too.
It is all pre ordained.We should do our duties honestly and leave the rest on HIM
Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
God bless.

Gilly said...

Some of the saddest people are those who revisit and revisit the past, saying "if only..." and dwelling on what they see as mistakes/injustices/whatever. We all do it to some extent, but I am sure (after many years of revisiting!) that contentment lies in accepting what has happened, seeing it as part of what we are and moving forward. Even if its only an inch!

Note I said contentment, not happiness. Contentment is longer lasting, based on deeper things and somehow warmer. Happiness is ephemeral, maybe depends on circumstances which can change, and can vanish in a moment!

awareness said...

surjit....I tend to think we can give God a few ideas when it comes to our destiny. I sort of see it as working together on it.
Seriously? God gave us free will. He gave us the gift of introspective freedom and a mind and a heart to use. He gave us the tools to seek out our destiny and to rely on Him for guidance. I believe we have choices in all that we do, and the values and beliefs cementing a foundation where love and kindness prevail.
I can't accept the idea that we are expected to be passive, with no responsibility to create an abundant future.
What if God was one of us?

awareness said...

Gilly....I couldn't agree with you more. Nostalgia is a hollow haunt when it goes on too long. Revist, regroup and move on. :)
Contentment does feel warmer and more radiant. Its like the sun somehow moved inside you.

Anonymous said...

Or, on the flipside, if the past was painful or filled with bad decisions, we can't go back and change that.

Every day is day one.

I feel like I'm a new person every day. I grow and learn, and hopefully i gain some clarity and reinforce a strong sense of self.