Sunday, December 27, 2009


It's like someone pulled the plug in the bathtub and all the warm water drained out without me knowing.  There I am, the water clinging to me growing colder sitting starkers looking for a soft clean towel to cover up and dry off with.   That's how I feel on this grey Sunday morning, "in a deep and dark December........" as Paul Simon sang..... Empty and full at the same time..........  There is not a profound thought or word left in my body.... not one fresh idea.  Gee, not even one seed has been set aside to germinate.  I've been stripped.  But, you know what?  It certainly is not a bad thing.  It's uncomfortable, but not a bad thing.  In fact, I think I needed to get to this point to re-learn how to STOP.

Then, I realized.......... when you stop?  I mean really and truly stop? You are sometimes left shivering in an empty bathtub looking at mottled  flesh in need of some summer sun realizing that humility is both ugly and beautiful at the same time.... Is there a word to describe the convergence of ugliness and beauty?


To dwell in humility is to dwell in an ego free dimension where it is what it is........ both ugly and beautiful....... and accepted.


jason evans said...

It's a stark reminder, isn't it? Of reality. But we still go running out into that sunlight again when the energy hits us again.

awareness said...

Nothing like the sun to warm our hearts again.