Thursday, September 24, 2009

the grace of soulfriend love.....

Early morning light, Bath Abbey, UK
August, 2009

Reassuring is how I feel when I stop to observe the gentle interaction between the two mourning doves who live nearby. Their appearance is in no way ostentatious like the blue jays or the bright yellow finches who also call my neighbourhood home. A feather coat of soft slate grey holds no pretensions. Instead mourning doves have an understated elegance, and a silent confidence. Their graceful symmetry rests between them. Their attention remains on one another.

Mourning doves find peaceful tranquility in their lifelong relationship with one another. Their own unique song from the heart, a gentle coo distinctively different to the sensibilities of other doves, is lost on the limited human ear. We can't hear their signature sound....the one that originally pulls the pair together into heart comfort. Their song connects them. Their lifelong love completes them. Soulfriend love. Its the kind of love we all yearn for.

What a miracle that is. In the vast symphony of nature two doves somehow manage to tune into one another, forsaking all others. I can't imagine this is a random happening. There is a silent guidance of two cupped hands helping this lifelong love along. God's hands.

What a miracle it is when two people who are meant for one another somehow manage to tune in to a special harmony together as well. You see it in their hand holding comfort ... in the quick glances, somehow synchronized even if they are across a busy room from one another ..... and in the knowing nod.

You hear it in the gentleness of their voices, in the concern of their questions, in the genuine interest when they meet after a long day apart. You hear it in the stillness of the spirit of their silence. You feel it in the air around them which somehow sends waves of calm love outward to everyone around them. You sense it in the harmony that surrounds them like an eternal band of soft warm light. You sense it in the recognition that this love grows beyond time as we know it. Always present.....

Soulfriend love is so very special and wonderful to be in its presence because it always makes you smile. It always warms your heart. It always makes a day feel that much brighter because it's a harmony ringing in hope. A graceful symmetry rests between them. There is a predestined feel to the love of two people who are meant for one another, and a magical oneness that God surely had a hand in.

Joyful, hopeful..........lovely. Eternally felt. Reassuringly so.

** for you Eric, with love xx **


Kandi said...

This is a beautiful tribute to your friend, an awesome way to express love in its truest form. I hope we can all experience a true love like this.

Kay said...

awwww...I just love the love in your words, compassionate and humbling

Anonymous said...

I wonder why so many of us run from this kind of love, while yearning for it at the same time?

Fear of engulfment, I suppose.

Awareness said...

Kandi....If not experience ourselves, at least be in the presence of it.

Kay....thank you.

Jen....the way I see it, this kind of love is not the smothering kind at all. Rather it has the strength and the trust to allow both individuals to express their individuality and independence as well as a healthy interdependence. there is an inward oneness, but there is also an openness too, needed to look outwardly as well.
Maybe the intensity of it is daunting to many?

Gilly said...

Must be wonderful. But it needs to mature, or it will become suffocating.

I wish, though........

Anonymous said...

This piece made me think about how lucky I know a true and honest love where two can be two...but can also be one! This is the true test of love. How fortunate that the sun always shines after the storm to remind us that God has a bigger and better plan for us all.

God Bless you for this most amazing gift you have to remind us of these things that we tend to expect but not appreciate.

Laura xo

Awareness said... feeling is that it begins with maturity.

Laura...thank you. It was very important to me that I captured my observations and feelings clearly. It is my offering. We are gathering here today to surround a family in their time of grief.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for your very sorry. A beautiful thought to celebrate a life and such a wonderful way to express it! I hope to be remembered for the person that I am, not the things that I have accomplished. To have someone write a tribute such as this for me would be beyond my expectations.


Awareness said...

Laura... It is a former colleague and his family's loss and I'm feeling for their deep loss. I wanted to capture the unique bonding love because I have always seen from a far it as very special.

Anonymous said...

You always find the loveliest words to describe the indescribable. I hope it gives Eric some comfort.