Monday, September 07, 2009

whiskey soakin'....

Fix me a glass of your restless complications
I will drink them 'til I bleed
Let me inhale your tenderhearted secrets
the ones you won't let me read.

Weep no more inside your fighting soul

Complications can unwind
Straight up whiskey summons late night stories

share with me what's on your mind.

Pour another round of hurting memories

Amber drops to ease the pain
I'll sit with you 'til the moon's forgotten
when that loving sun delights again.

If experience is your chosen mistress

then the blues will set you free

Fix me another glass of your complications
Restless fears never frightened me.

the words found me during a drive this morning to Saint John while I was thinking about a friend.


cue said...

This hit home for me. When my father passed away I stumbled around in shock for a couple of weeks and occasionally wondered why I just didn't want to cry.

One night a bottle of Jim Beam took care of it.

Awareness said...

cue....though its probably not what any doctor would order, sometimes it is the medicine needed to open up the floodgates isn't it?

Kay said...

respectively noted and delightful in its dread.

cue said...

It's true. After that I understood a little better how people could come to rely a little too heavily on that particular emotion-release elixir. I can't say the episode wasn't cathartic in a way, but I sure didn't feel very good the next morning.

Thanks for your blog, Aware. I've been reading for some time.

Anonymous said...

Well if those heartfelt beautiful words don't hit home, I doubt if anything will.

Awareness said...

kay....whiskey can soften the blow :)

cue....oh, its a slippery slope isn't it? you're right, it can be relied on too much because it will take you to a place of numbness rather than a place where you can open up your vulnerability and let go of some of those emotional complications.
thank you for commenting, cue. I am honoured that you took the time to share some of yourself here. anytime, anytime.....

Gypsy....thank you....a friend of mine is going to show them to a musician friend of hers. who knows? maybe one day a version of it will hit other homes too. for now, I hope it knocks on a couple of the right doors.