Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Could a greater miracle take place
than for us to look through
each others eyes for an instant?

Hey Dad, how would you describe empathy?

Empathy happens when your hearthreads reach out and wrap around someone else's hurt because you're curious to know how what it's like to be them. It our best way of looking through someone else's lens....

What does it feel like when someone wraps you up in their heartthreads?

a warm comforting cup of tea
a soft affirmation, like you matter
an engaging smile that pierces your heart
sharing tears
a nod of knowing
Its like having someone take the shawl from their shoulders to wrap you up in it like a cocoon. You can feel their heat, and smell their perfume.

Yes, but what do those things FEEL like? How does empathy make you feel?

Loved. Empathy makes you feel loved.

But how does love feel?

Like the joy of a free fall on a day when the sky is a September blue......into the arms of God.

oh. I always thought it felt like having a sleeping puppy on your lap.

same thing....

ok, my husband doesn't talk like that....I made it up.. I wanted to use the photo :)


Anonymous said...

Wrapping yourself around someone else's hurt. This is so beautifully expressed I feel like crying with joy. And the photo is stunning!

Awareness said...

Selma...thank you. :) It was the "line" I used to describe empathy to my counselling class the other night after they had discussed the concept for a while in smaller groups. I was pleased how well it was received.

Anonymous said...

While I was reading this I was thinking to myself, wow Jamie talks just like Dana and then I read the disclaimer at the end. You are funny sometimes.