Wednesday, September 09, 2009

cinnamon buns....

Conversation tonight at the Sobey's checkout between Miss Muskie and a bubbly young cashier girl who looked like Anne of Green Gables.....

Hi, how are you tonight?

Great! How about you?

Not bad.... a little tired, but it's been a good day.

Yeah, mine's been pretty good too.... oooops, you know I can never get these bags to open properly. I really suck at bagging groceries. Nothing fits right and it all falls over (as she struggled to shove a boxes of crackers into a plastic bag sideways) It's a good thing my lifelong goal isn't to be a grocery bagger, she said enthusiastically.

"I'm glad you've got bigger plans for your life"
I said laughing.... (as I take the packed bag and rearrange it before I put it in the cart. She seemed oblivious to me doing this....).

Yeah, me too....she says as she puts the grapes in the bottom of the bag and adds heavy items on top.....oh....I'd kill for one of those cinnamon buns! No really, I'd kill for one of those cinnamon buns! She looks me right in the eye, smiling with a lightness in her voice.

I'd give you one, but I have to take them to the school tomorrow. We're serving breakfast to the students.

What a nice thing to do! hmmmm......should I put the floor cleaner in with your juice? oh, why not. Just be careful not to spill it over! hahaha!
She hands me the bag....I just put it in the cart hoping the juice doesn't get poisoned.

So, if you don't want to be a grocery bagger, what do you want to do? I ask as I save the bread from being squished by the 4 litre bag of milk....

I want to be a Psychiatrist. Can you find a place for this in one of your bags? thanks....

Really? That's interesting.... Why do you want to be a Psychiatrist?
I respond while taking the frozen strawberries from her and finding a baghome for it....

I've been in the mental health system for 5 years and I think I'd be good at it. Plus, there are no good Psychiatrists anywhere. They are all such idiots. They can't help anyone, even themselves. I have often wondered if they got into the field because they were trying to deal with their own stuff.... every single one of them i've met are useless. Dangerous too! I thought I'd become the first one to help someone. Do you know Dr. ********? He's the worst.

Yeah, I reply nodding knowlingly.....I've met him before. He's got a nasty reputation.

He's unbelievable! I can't believe no one's killed the guy. I told him he was a crotchedly old man who wouldn't know how to care if his life depended on it. I don't know what his problem is, but he is definately not a people person. I mean why would anyone WANT to be a Psychiatrist if they don't like talking with people....??? I can't stand the man. He's dangerous!!! Your total comes to .......... Do you have an air miles card?

Ah................, yes .... here it is.....
(as I continue to pack the cart with rearranged grocery bags, a little worried about my dozen eggs....) I think Dr. ******* has probably pushed a few off the deep end.

Oh, I know he has. He very nearly pushed me off the end! He made me crazier than I was! Great talking to you..........have a great night..........!

She turns her attention to the next person in line, and I walk out pushing my cart wondering if the off kilter Anne of Green Gables look a like would really kill for a cinnamon bun. maybe.....

do you have conversations like this at the check out counter?


Gilly said...

Not here we don't! Pack your own bags while speedy Gonzales on the till swipes your groceries at the speed of light! Everything comes tumbling down in a hepa at the end.

Luckily, I am fanatical about off-loading my groceries in the order I want to pack them, which helps a bit, until Madam at the till picks and chooses what she wants to swipe next!

Even more luckily, being rather disabled now, I order my goods on line and its all delivered.

But have I mentioned the way things are packed in the carrier bags humped in by the nice delivery men, who take them right through to my kitchen..........?

Awareness said...

Gilly....I can't remember ever having a conversation about mental health with a check out person before, but many are chatty. :) I found the conversation hilarious. She was so animated and haphazard and I would never have suspected it from my first impression.

Like you, I put my groceries on the conveyor the way they normally go in the bags.... didn't happen this time. But, I sure had a great conversation. She was a trip!

Anonymous said...


Same store back in May young guy slow drawl "how are you today"
Me "not's so good my Mom is really sick, been at hospital all day and she is probably not going to make it." Him " oh really well it is a nice day outside if she has to die"
Me staring in disbelife. Him carrys on not noticing me. "maybe later in week you can do something fun for yourself, I like your hair are they foils or highlights?
Me walk out don't know weather to laugh or cry

PS I choose to laugh

Anonymous said...

She sounds like a complete nut case but in the nicest possible way. I'm now wondering what kind of psychiatrist she would make and I've decided it's too damn scary to contemplate. LOL....

Mark said...

Interesting conversation, yes maybe you should have gave up a cinnamon bun, ha.
Yes, I have conversations pretty much everywhere I go, a lot in the line at the market. Thanks for sharing yours.

Canuckguy said...

There's a reason she is seeing a psychiatrist, that's obvious. All that chatting points to overmedication with the happy pill.

The biggest problem I have in grocery stores is that I have the knack for frequently getting in the wrong line as often a hold up occurs for a price check, customer disputes a price, customer yakking too much with the clerk, change of clerks or somebody has trouble with their card. The last time, the lady in front of me could not remember her password and after several failed guesses, I moved to another line that looked more promising but got delayed by a price check that seemed to take forever. ARRRGGGGH!!!!!

Awareness said... always cracks me up when someone spills their stuff right's like they missed the social mores gene on how you begin a conversation with a stranger about the weather. :) I blame Oprah and Gerry Springer. However, I LOVE it when it happens.... and it happens alot!

Gypsy....I know....loopy,loopy! But I really don't think she would've killed me for a cinnamon bun. :) She may have if I had told her I was a friend of that Psyciatrist. hahaha!

Mark....All it takes is to ask a few questions and badabing, you're there.... Curiosity always brings surprising results. :)

Canuckguy.... GREAT to see you again!!! I scan them out too, and don't often get in line where there's a male cashier because they are almost always the slowest. :) I also set up the groceries in a way that its best to bag them. I spend WAY too much time in the damn grocery store anyways.....usually I am in a huge rush. So, the conversations I seem to have fall within the time limits of my turn getting things rung in.

ps. I also go to the market here very early (except today...was there after 8 and was a pain in the neck) for the same reason. I am not surrounded by chatting folks who block off the aisles. The earlier I get there, the more laid back I feel. :)