Thursday, July 09, 2009

what you want to see....

Distance as a concept is paradoxical. It can provide perspective, gleaned in a step back to take in the bigger picture. Or it can leave you in the realm of nostalgia where reality blends into the lines of wistfulness. Looking forward, beyond the horizon, a distant vision can seem so clearly delineanated or it can appear to be awashed in static movement.

It depends on your mood. It depends on what you yearn for. Pull yourself out of an entanglement of emotional thoughts and the lens you are seeing through will alter. Gather more information, or learn something new and one glance into the distance seems like a completely different canvas.

Why? Because what you see, near or far is what you are, not what it is. It solely depends on you.

I took this picture of the sun setting through the globe of a wine glass. I loved the feel to the soften blur of colour, similar to impressionism, which to me is like looking at reality through a magic mirror. The roundness of the glass pulled the distant sunset into its orb, settling it into the white wine like an island from place called far far away.

So, where was i when I took this picture? I was sitting on a friend's back deck high up off the ground, surrounded by friends whom I had just shared a fantastic meal with. While the conversation flowed all around me, I sat quietly watching the sun go down over the pine, listening to the various exchanges happening in a humglow of friendship. Content to be silent.....

I put my wine glass down on the railing of the deck and leaned over to pick up my camera to take a few shots. When I straightened up, eye level to my wine glass, I was caught by the Monet blend of colour and light caught in the round. What did I see? I saw the comfort and humglow of friendship. Exactly where I was.

What do I see now? A very clear memory of the same. it visually or in our projection of time is a state of mind. Sometimes one photo can contain a whole story distantly placed in "a remember when," brought nearer to one's head and heart with a nod and a blink.

Now tell me.....what do you see???


this week's photo theme is distant. For more wonderfully interesting photos, please visit Carmi's blog and check out his talents.


Carmi said...

What a delightful slice! There are so many dimensions of distance built into this experience that it's easy to miss them all if we don't close our own eyes and drink in the moment.

The journalist in me appreciates just how satisfying it can be to detach from the buzz of the group and just experience it, quietly and alone, from the outside. So wonderfully put, and so relatable from where I sit.

Gilly said...

You are just so good at bringing feelings into writing and photography. And that statement looks so ordinary and trite, it isn't what I mean at all. I have no idea of what you look like, or anything about you except what I can learn from your beautiful blog. But you put some of your inside onto these pages, so part of the real you shines out.

Distance, for me, can be hurtful, when it is the unwanted distance between two people. And even then, my distance is longer than that of the other person. They see closeness.

Distance is what we see, not what others see.

I must try Carmi's challenges!

Awareness said...

Carmi....I often wonder if I detach too often from the buzz! but, I find that I need to more and more as I get older. Part of that is because of what I do during the day time and it is FULL on attachment when I'm teaching or counselling and then the other part is due to living in a writer's head. I'm off in some kind of imaginary land! There is such a satisfying sense of safety when you're surrounded by people you trust.It makes it so much easier to tune out and in.

Gilly...I read it as a compliment....and it is one of my objectives. Carmi's weekly prompts have helped me pull the two together. So thank you.
Normally I will write something and then find a photo to accompany it. With the photo prompt, it's the other way.
Yes! You should try it! Every Wednesday evening there is a new prompt. Carmi gives you a heads up on the theme on Tuesdays.

As far as what I look like? It's been a while since I had my photo taken. I will rectify that this weekend when my son and I are on our little road trip. :)

Anonymous said...

I am not good with words but you wonder what Dana looks like. When I see Dana I see a restful place, I see a kindered spirit, kindness,and playfullness all at once. Please understand I do not know Dana well but I loved her from the first time my eyes fell on her.(disclaimer: not in a physical way)
you have such a gift!


Heather said...

I absolutely adore this photo ... wonderful, especially given the commentary. Very nice :)

Awareness said... slay me! AND make me blush!! thankyou....but I must say that some folks see my playfulness as shit disturbing! They have no funny bone!

Heather...thank you. I love this photo too...I have been looking at it on and off for a year now. I think its time to see what it looks like all blown up. :)