Monday, July 20, 2009

correspondance to and from Plagarist Anthony Tham....aka Anton

My first email to the poacher.... right after I realized just what I had found..... more than a dozen of MY writing copied and pasted on his blog like he wrote it. For your reading and entertainment pleasure.....

"Excuse me buddy???!!!

You better take down ALL of my pieces of work on your blog NOW or I will report you to Blogger and have them take down your blog. I am incensed that you have the audacity to pilfer my work and call it your own. Do you not have an original idea in your own head? I stopped reading when I reached my poem I wrote in the spring because quite frankly it made me feel sick to my stomach that i have been invaded like this.

If you consider yourself a spiritual giving and loving person, you will also be feeling a great deal of shame for what you have done to myself and to Marja whom i consider a dear friend. I don't know who else you are stealing from but I daresay we aren't the only two.

Now what would the Dalai Lama think of your behaviour????

I know what I think! Compassion doesn't come to mind!

You are an intellectual thief. You have stolen pieces of my heart and soul work. Stay away from my blog. TAKE DOWN MY WORK NOW!"


Second communicate with this man....

Anton.....if that is what your name is.

I see that your blog has now been removed. However, I have a BIG problem with the fact that several of my pieces have been cached under your blog name! I have been in touch with Blogger and have requested that they follow up with you. You have completely and utterly violated my personal intellectual property, subsequently trespassed into my heart and soul. Do you have any idea how that feels???? What creeped me out more than anything was that you obviously had duped many readers into thinking YOU had written these pieces....and then you followed up with replies to their comments??? Unbelievable.

I am OWED an apology buddy!!!!

What you have done ironically has fired me up. I may have initially felt violated, but I am now secure in my thoughts and feelings about my property. I have also been inspired by the support of the blogging community and friends who have been reading my posts for close to 4 years. They rallied and will rally again if you EVER pop up with a new blog. They also now have a link to a copyright site which will allow them to check to make sure there aren't any other assholes out there doing the same SHAMEFUL thing that you did.

Don't you EVER do that anyone, including published authors such as Father Anthony de Mello! GOT IT? Now, where's the apology?


Carmi's first email....much more professionally assertive than mine. :)

Greetings, "Anton". I just left you a comment on your new blog, Life's Impermance, but I wanted to make sure you understood how wrong it was of you to steal someone else's work, then claim it as your own on your now-defunct site, Biological Clock Ticking.

It's call plagiarism. It's not only immoral: it's also highly illegal. That you chose to steal the work of a good friend whose work I have long admired only amplifies the gravity of your actions. Worse, I'm a journalist, and nothing - and I do mean nothing - upsets me more than to see someone's work compromised in this way. Where I come from, people's entire careers can be destroyed by such breaches of trust, so I'm e-mailing you to reinforce the seriousness of what you have done.

I notice you promptly removed your old blog from the blogosphere without so much as an apology for your actions. I'm not surprised, as those who would so blatantly lift the work of others typically don't have the cojones to face up to their actions. I guess an apology is too much to ask. So be it.

Rest assured you have stirred up a fair amount of discontent among your victim's (I'm assuming there's only one, of course, but I'd hardly be surprised if you made this a regular thing) friends and colleagues. They and I will be watching your actions closely, and will surely let you know if you transgress again. There is no room in this world for this kind of activity, and we'll continue to work diligently on our friend's behalf to ensure you don't engage in this form of criminal activity again.

I'd rather enjoy hearing back from you, but I won't hold my breath. We already know what kind of soul you possess, and it sure as hell isn't anything like the bullshit facade you outline in your profile.

I would also suggest getting a life, but I've got better things to do with my day. Perhaps we can leave that for some other time, as it's clear you need help in that department, as well.

All the best,
P.S. I have visited a number of your correspondents and have left the following message on their respective blogs. Whether I continue to do so largely depends on whether you choose to do the right thing and apologize to those who have been victimized by your actions. I await your reply.

Text of blog comment:
Greetings. You recently left a comment on the blog, Biological Clock Ticking (
operated by Anton. You may have noticed that his blog was hastily taken
down earlier today. Here's why:
For quite some time, the author of this blog has been copying the work
of others and passing it off as his own. This is known as plagiarism.
It is not only immoral. It is also an illegal, criminal act.
When confronted about this, Anton chose the coward's way out. Instead
of responding, apologizing or otherwise expressing some sort of
remorse, he skulked away and started another blog.
I thought you'd want to know this, and would want to verify your own
archives to ensure he hasn't used some of your own work as well. I'd
recommend checking out the service at to ensure your own material has not been stolen in a similar manner.

I invite you to contact me via my blog, Written Inc., if you would like to discuss this further.

Thank you.


From Anthony the THIEF Carmi....

"Well, I see you have been busy.

Yup, I have decided to close down my blog....and make apologies to the parties concerned. It was not my intention to "plagiarize" as some of you wonderful peeps have "viciously with full vulgarity" have put it. If you had taken the trouble to read all my posts, quotations of the names of bloggers, authors and so on have been given due credit. It was my err to have left out quoting some.

If you wanna pursue this with the viciousnes that is your artform, then I can do nothing. I will make peace with the blogger (not you!) to offer my explanation and apologies (not you again!).

However, I wonder how you peeps who preach all things good cld turn into such vicious and malicious peeps....before even seeking out the truth behind.

The again, reporters like yourself is often guided by your inflated egos. I always gave credit to reporters who go into details and get their facts correct before reaching a conclusion. It seems I'm wrong.

I wish you well, I really do!"


Carmi's reply......

Hi "Anton". I noticed you've pulled your new blog down, too. So sorry to hear about that.

Please know that on the Internet, you can never truly disappear.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Carmi's reminder late last night..........

Hi Anthony. Still haven't seen that apology you promised. And from my correspondence with all involved, neither have they. I do hope it's forthcoming soon, as I'd hate for you to misunderstand just how big a deal this kind of thing is where I come from.

Please advise.


Anthony's response Carmi.

Hi carmi

A very good day to you.

I was just made to understand from some Canadian bloggers that where you come from, people seek and crave attention to get "hits" in their blogs for $$$ reasons. Some of them even went further to say that your side-window and articles of yours were works of plagiarizm.

I'm still trying to understand the whole situation, before I proceed-on. Sorry, we Malaysians are a bit "daft" and backward ( as you have generalized to another blogger on Malaysian bloggers) especially when it comes to practising double standards.

Neways, the Canadians have indicated that they will be contacting the Canadian journalism association and other relevant authorities to enquire on your spamming violations. I don't know to what extent those spamming laws apply to where you are coming from, but I'm sure these bloggers are as smart, or even smarter than you.
Again, I wish you well ........ if the laws are a big thing from where you came from.


(TWEEDLES??? SPAMMING??? yeah....Hey Anton.....I've got some swamp land in Florida you may be interested in. They've just discovered a few dozen Burmese Pythons nesting in it.)


Carmi's reply to this ridiculous response from one whacky plagarising bully boy....

Idle threats don't become you, Anthony. I'm willing to wager a significant amount of money that "the Canadians" to whom you refer don't exist. Furthermore, there's no such thing as a "Canadian journalism association". And if in some bizarro alternative world it did exist, I doubt it would have much interest in enforcing anti-spam legislation - or in listening to the half-witted whining of a guy (you are a guy, right?) who doesn't understand the fundamental concept of IP. Do you even know what the hell you're talking about? Wait, don't answer that. We both already know the answer to that one.

Oh, and your spelling could use a bit of an upgrade, too. Just sayin'.

If anything, I'm enjoying this little exchange with someone who is very obviously an idiot. Have as much fun as you wish within your backward little group of bloggers, just make sure you don't lift other people's work again. We'll be watching, and unlike you, we'll have all the proof we need to nail your little plagiarising self to the judicial wall.

In fact, we already do - captures of your site alongside the original material you stole - and will pursue this as far as necessary if you choose to repeat your criminal performance.

And if you haven't begun the pursuit of an actual life just yet, may I suggest that you do so without delay.

All the best


Laughable and entertaining these replies are, dont you think? Obviously he is not taking any ownership for his immoral and illegal acts. I have yet to hear from him directly and as far as far as I know, neither has Marja. One thing for certain is that he is not to be trusted. And, given the flavour of his bizarre bullying tactics, I can't imagine he will stay away from blogland. He thinks he's been hard done by. Hello???

oh, yeah.....I just found him on FACEBOOK. :)

Anthony, when will I hear from you???? Are you going to try to bully me too?


kenju said...

Get him off FB too!!

Dana, if I ever have a problem on the web, I want Carmi on my side!!

Awareness said...

Oh, I know Judy....I am forever grateful to Carmi.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

hi dana...i was out of town and away from a computer when all this was going down and i am sick about it.

i am so sorry that you had to go through this type of violation. it makes me sick when i think about it. sick.

i am glad that carmi was there for you and all of this will come back around and bite anton in the ass. you know it. i know it.

but....if you want to load up and go take care of business "southern-irish beat down style?" i'm all about it :)

Awareness said...

Hey Irish Heather.... thank God you had the copyright link on your blog. That's where I checked it from. !! So, you were away but you were a part of it! And, you would've loved reading the comments left on Anton's first blog from everyone..... classic stuff!!! It was inspiring, energizing and it also made me laugh out loud! I am forever grateful to everyone, especially Captain Carmi for coming to my emotional rescue...... hearing the Rolling Stones right now.... "I'll come to your emotional rescue....." Love that song.

On a limb with Claudia said...

Gosh, what an adventure. I'm sure glad you have friends to support you Dana. Not surprised, of course. But delighted you have them.

((hug)) I hope you cleanse and heal from all of this - bleckiness.

swile67 said...

wow, i can't believe what he wrote to carmi a Canadian, i'm also appalled (oops spelling!!) he misrepresented us all!!! what a scum and coward for not coming clean that he stole your work and the other bloggers. keep pressing on!

Kay said...

oh, man....what unnecessary drama, let it learned, noted and quoted, please ask permission before using others' words!

Romany Angel said...

I'd like to flush the little turd right down the proverbial S-bend.

Big kudos to you Carmi for helping out our friend.