Sunday, July 19, 2009

bloomin' crazy!!!

These Shasta daisies are for you.....a bouquet from my garden. xx

True kinship was felt today throughout the blogging community, including several friends who have always been supportive of my writing pursuits. I'm fired up but exhausted! I will write more tomorrow...... when I've had a chance to catch some sleep. It's been a long and busy day. This saga is not over yet. I can feel it.

Thank you so much everyone for rallying with me and supporting me wholeheartedly. You are beautiful wonderful people. I feel lucky and so blessed to be surrounded by your swift action, your kindness and your concern.

ps. Carmi received an email from Anton the thief. He had the audacity to try to explain that his actions were misunderstood. He also stated that he would apologize directly to the blogger he stole from. I have yet to hear from him.

Sometimes it truly does take a village to make things happen. :) xx


Marja said...

That was great to see how everybody stuck together Dana. I stil wrote you an email this morning but I think I send it to a Michael It was a bit confusing suddenly so many people involved but it was good to see. Thanks for keeping me up to date
Hope you get some rest and see you later dear.
Aroha Marja

Nick Phillips said...

What? The little cretin had the cheek to say he was misunderstood?

Which part was he misunderstood? The part about stealing content word for word or the part about him being a thief?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I saw that Email that Anton sent Carmi and Carmi's strong wonderful answer! Thank God for Carmi, and for the Carmi's of this world and particularly in regard to this very "acute" situation.....Oh I hope "Anton The Thief" is over....I pray he is, my dear Dana.
I hope you get a GOOD Nights sleep tonight....You have had one rough rough day!

Kay said...

All things aside, those are some beautiful flowers! Makes me think of how I have yet to venture outside the city walls of my life and need to set out to explore....

Please do post the results!

Gilly said...

Lovely calming daisies! I'm pleased something has got going with your thief! I felt so helpless when I couldn't get onto his site - I had plenty to say to him!!

Misunderstood my left foot!!

Awareness said...

Marja... It was a whirlwind of emails wasn't it? GREAT stuff. Yes, I think Mike must've received it. hahaha! What a blur of a day. The whole episode was interspersed with other life happenings here too that occur on a busy typical Saturday. Hence the exhaustion.

Nick. Welcome! :) Why yes he did write that....nice eh? He also tried to swipe Carmi because he's a journalist! The nerve.

Naomi.... I can't say enough about Carmi's intervention on my behalf. I so grateful. The emails were priceless!

I don't know whether Anton will re-surface. I expect he will try.

I will post some of the correspondance today when I get the chance. I have 3 girls here on a 2 day respite from Camp and need to get them fed, reorganized (ie. TONS OF laundry) and back to Camp this afternoon....hence the exhaustion was a combination of being up too early yesterday and having a full day bein' a Momma.

Kay....My garden is at its peak right now, though quite soggy! However, it looks like we're going to have a sunny lovely day today....hope it's like that where you live and you can enjoy it.

Gilly.... I wish you had been able to get on his site just to read all of the comments that were left for him. They were heated and direct and I'm sure scared the pants right off the little bugger.!

Thank you for your emails and your support Gilly and your direction on how to contact Blogger to put in a complaint. I really appreciated you being there with me. :)

kenju said...

I'm glad it's all over, as I am sure you are. I hope that Ant-Anton-Anthony will write to you, but I doubt he will.

Awareness said...

Judy...I haven't heard a thing yet!