Friday, July 17, 2009

what? too busy? nah......

In a world
* where busy has taken on new meaning
* where instant gratification has been turned into a pseudo-right
* where surface dwellers seem to rise to the top of the food chain
* where connecting with another fits into a twitter tweet
* where nerves fray open with a single touch
* where little annoyances transform into temper tantrums
* where the inner to do list goes into thinking overdrive
* where waiting patiently brings on heat strokes.....
* where destiny has turned into a drive-thru

In a world where you've got no time to change your mind....

......there are better options
......we can slow it down
......we can choose to connect with who and what is around us.

We could learn to "stand in the long now".....where fast paced flurry takes a back seat to the pleasure of time enhanced presence. Join me for a breathing out moment will you? I'll meet you by the yellow chairs with a tray carrying your favourite libation. What'll it be?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Mmmmmmm, How about some Chocolate Ice Cream.....Good idea to slow down and smell the Roses, as they say....! I look forward to sitting with you Dana and sharingsome thoughts and ideas....Oh, and maybe make that Chocolate Ice Cream with Hot Fudge Sauce...?

Awareness said...

that sounds mighty yummy Naomi. Can we have some strawberries to go with them??

Anonymous said...

Love, Love ,Love that picture.
Wish I was there right now.