Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blatant Plagarism

***New update, Saturday evening....The Malaysian BlogPirate resurfaced under a new name, but quickly felt the pressure of the blogging community and pulled the plug on this one too. Thank you for all of your support. Hopefully (but unlikely) he will not return. In the meantime, blogger will be monitored for any attempts at returning.*****

***NEW UPDATE***SAT, PM....The weasley thief has left the building! His blog is now all gone. I will keep an eye on this "tosser" (love that word Paul :)) to make sure he doesn't lift his shameful head again. Thank you, thank you! You are all beautiful!!! *****

****UPDATE**** This guy has stolen several of my pieces! as well as Marja's! Please visit his site and check it out!!! He may have stolen from you too!***

Maybe I'm too naive and too trusting, but I hadn't ever really given plagarism a thought. Most of what I write about seems to personally driven that I never expected anyone else to even feel comfortable using one of my pieces as their own. Well, guess what I found out??!! This blogger lifted one of my posts almost verbatim. HOW DARE HE??? Boy am I pissed off.

As much as I write this stuff and put it out there to be read and contemplated upon, and as much as I realize I'm using a public domain as my choice of venue, and as much as I do let go of a piece emotionally once I push the "publish" is my intellectual and emotional property dammit! I own it.

I feel very strongly about this (duh), more so than I do the photos I've posted of my own, though that riles me too. However, most people have emailed me to ask if they could use one of my photos beforehand. I didn't think to wonder about my pieces. Now I'm wondering how one protects oneself from further stealing?? Any ideas???

Oh, and if you would be so kind....... Would you mind visiting this blatant plagarising blogger's site and leaving your opinion in his comment section? I'd appreciate it.

I'm a nice person, but don't ever fuck with me or my writing because I will not be nice.

PS....I have since left comments on 6 or 7 of my pieces and have sent him an email demanding that he take down everything he has stolen from the blogworld. I have yet to hear from the little slime.


Marja said...

I think this is absolutely shocking and I don't understand why people do it How can it be an honour when it is not even theirs
I will hop over dana

Gilly said...

Dana - I'd be incandescnet if it happened to me! I'll certainly go over there and makae a biting comment!

Have a better weekend!

Gilly said...

Dana, I've tried twice to get on this site, but everytime I get there (the link is fine) it crashes my computer! I'll try once again! I can't let something like that go - my writer's soul will not let me!!

Kay said...

That is horrible! Please do post the resolution of how one goes about handling that....good words and knowledge for everyone! ugh! It's just WRONG!

Awareness said...

Marja...thank you! I saw your comment on his site. I appreciate your support. What a jerk! It makes me wonder if other pieces of writing have been lifted more discreetly than how this guy did it.

Gilly...thank you. :) i wonder why it's crashing your computer. It was the strangest feeling to see my words pop up on the screen on someone else's blogsite. I'll email you the link. Maybe it will work that way.

Kay...I'll keep you posted. As of right now, he still has it posted!

Anonymous said...


I tried to leave a comment but it would not let me. I could see where you had left yours but it is a long way down so his readers will not see it.
Do not blame you for being angry


Awareness said...

Thanks for trying Mavis. I've left comments on all the pieces I have found. I would love for others to see him for who he is, but right now, I just want to scare the little SOB himself.

I've sent out an email to fellow bloggers too.....and am receiving very supportive replies and intents on leaving him comments. you at the yellow chairs...when it stops raining!!

Anonymous said...

My computer keeps crashing even on your site ... cannot seem to get to his site to leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

I tried to get on his site earlier but I couldn't leave a comment either. I just went there a few minutes ago and have managed to leave a comment now. The post is still up and I can't believe he even used the same pic. Little cretin.

Anonymous said...

I tried again also and did manage to leave a comment. They all go to the bottom of the heap tho ... perhaps what is need is to keep leaving comments. I will try to do so.

I cannot beleive that he even lifted part of your blotsite profile for his.


Anonymous said...

I've left a comment and I've complained to Blogger. People like that get me so maaaadddd. I had a look through some of his other posts and this guy actually thinks he's a bit of a guru. What a wanker. He's a guy and he calls his blog "Biological Clock Ticking." He is obviously not the full quid.

Hope this gets resolved very quickly, Dana. I am really sorry it has happened.

Anonymous said...

tosser - have left a comment too.... such bullshit - making himself out to be some sort of fucking guru and all the time not one bloody sentence his won thought... nob!

Awareness said...

Mavis, you did manage to leave a comment on his blog. :) thank you.

JTChoices.... you're a doll. :) I have had the same problems with blogs crashing and realized it was internet explorer. I have since started using Firefox. I don't know why all of a sudden it started happening, but they will most likely lose a lot of their search "business"

gypsy! Great comment! Thanks CRETIN indeed! I can't believe he hasn't reacted or responded yet. He must be out dancing or something. Won't he be surprised when he turns his computer on! I've left comments on every single on of my pieces!!!

Joyce... I know! How pathetic eh? Even my profile bio. GEESH!

Selma...thank you. I will report it to Blogger as well. I wanted to give people time to leave comments and scan his site for their own stuff and scare the snot out of him..... He even lifted pieces of Anthony de Mello's published work and took ownership. De Mello wrote the book "Awareness" which is where the name of my blog comes from.

Paul .... A NOB who passes himself off as a practising Buddhist. I wrote him an email and asked him what he thought the Dalai Lama would think of his immoral acts?
I looked through his whole blog and didn't see any of your photos or words. Though I think he has nicked some from Mark (the Naked Soul) and will let him know.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Can you imagine someone copying from an Irving Blogger???


You should consider yourself lucky that someone is using your goody goody stuff???


Can you imagine using Irving stories???


Must be in that high paying drug in that part of the world??

After saying this?

When you use the word - FUCK???

You must be angry.

I guess the next time you see me?

I'm going to get a fucking kick up my ass???


I'll try to leave a comment...

Anonymous said...

I just went to his site again to leave a comment and while I was there it disappeared and now it says the site does not exist.

Here is his email


Charles LeBlanc said...


These Irving's lawyers sure moves fast!!


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Looks like he took it down. I am appalled.

Awareness said...

Charles! I so wanted you to take a swipe at the guy! He wouldn't have known what hit him!! Yeah, I dropped the F-bomb! I just read that some research has found that when one is in pain or is pissed off, swearing alleviates the negative crap inside you! It felt GOOD. And, I may kick you in the f**ing ass! Just for fun. goody goody stuff is marketable!!!

Mavis... WE did it! hahaha! I will email him again warning him that if he pops up with another blog I will find him again.

Layla....It sure got my juices flowing again. I'm pumped to write some more today and will. What a jerk he was.

Rainbow dreams said...

just saw he is back...with a new blog! obviously a great admirer so much so he thinks he has to copy from your profile too...what an asshole...

Charles LeBlanc said...

He can use my words in his blog to promote Fascism!!!


kenju said...

Well, now I'm confused. Is he back for the third go around? Or are these people referring to the second incarnation of his blog?

I left a comment on his first blog and I went to the 2nd one, but I only bookmarked it. Since there were no comments on that one yet, I didn't want to be the first. I was afraid that somehow he'd take revenge on

Nick Phillips said...

Hi, thanks for the comment at my blog about this Anton dude. First of all, let me reiterate that Anton is most definitely not a friend of mine. In fact, I can't even recall leaving a comment at his blog but I guess I must have for you to drop by my blog.

I know his blog is offline but I managed to check his cache on Google for the post 'having faith in other and in myself' and to be honest, I'm absolutely appalled that he stole your post word for word!

I echo Gypsy, the little cretin!!! I'm really not sure if he's stolen any of my posts since it's kinda difficult to check with his blog taken offline but if he did, may he rot in hell!

The things I write in my blog are from my own personal experiences and I do write them with passion. I think Gypsy can vouch for me :D

Anyways, thanks for the heads up.

Awareness said...

I don't think he's back with a third blog yet, but he is being monitored. :) the internet is a small place, and there are few hiding places. :)

Nick....thank you for taking the time to check it out. As soon as I read some of your posts on your blog, I could tell right away that your posts (like mine) come from personal experiences and you would completely understand. Though our paths crossed over the weirdest of circumstances, I hope you'll visit again soon.

Cheers everyone. :)

Anonymous said...

I can definitely vouch for Nick from Anything Goes. He is totally trustworthy and one of the good guys.

Sherry said...

I haven't been here for a few weeks, and need to catch. I am SO sorry this happened to you. You are one of the best writers I've seen in the blogging world, and I know you put your heart & soul into each word, each photo.

I'll be on the lookout for this guy, also, & any of your writings.

Awareness said...

Sherry....thank you so much for your kind words. Wow! I'm humbled truly. thank you.
It was a strange and fascinating process. I'm sure Anton has figured out a new IP address or something and will be more difficult to catch again. He has never responded to me, the coward, but has sent Carmi yet another email trying to insinuate and bully. However it was so laughable that his attempts were rendered under the category of pathetic.