Monday, August 27, 2007


What makes a desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

What an interesting thought. In the midst of adversity, when one feels the challenge of overcoming an obstacle, it is the tug from the feeling of hope that helps us put one foot in front of the other. If we can just keep pushing, keep pulling, keep at it......we will find the well. Adversity is like an expansive desert which can seem endlessly parched. And yet, if one looked at it with different eyes, one can visualize a place to find the sips needed to tackle adversity.

What if the mountain of adversity is just too high to climb? What if one finds themselves at the bottom of the mountain without the necessary tools in their life toolbox to ascend? What if it's just so overwhelming to overcome that one succumbs into the sea of surrender? Sometimes the obstacles are just too big.

and yet......................

I find it fascinating that some have the capacity to drill into a well of hope more deeply than others. Two people both suffering from the same determined to fight it to the end, and the other languishes in a ghost of despair. Why is that? Does it derive from a predetermined personality, where one has the ability to be more optimistic and consequently hopeful and the other can't help but see the glass almost empty?

Adversity can be a motivator but only if there are a few ingredients to accompany it. Hope, confidence and emotional support all play key roles, as does balance.........where perhaps one's whole world isn't falling apart at the same time........where perhaps one is dealing with adversity in one part of their life, but strength and focus in another. Vision.......seeing yourself conquering the challenge......AND seeing how to conquer it is also needed. But I think the most important ingredient, is faith.

Our personal beliefs are derived from many avenues........our own faith may include different smatterings of ingredients.......It may be grounded in religion--a belief in a Higher Power......or it may be suurounded by the laws of nature... or in fellow human beings....or in science.........or in the knowledge of the journey of the monarch could be a little bit of all....wherever one's faith comes from, the very idea that one has a strong belief system allows for the confidence and the unmoving foundation to help one find the other ingredients needed to face adversity head on.

We may not win every challenge.....we may live through years of unending adversity....... but if we know there is a well out in the middle of the desert........or a cabin waiting for us in the wilderness? I believe we will keep on trying, one step at a time. Faith makes us feel like we are never alone.
We are never alone.

A comforting thought isn't it?


Jen said...

this was a thought provoking post for me..thanks..I visited in a tired state..but it energized me enough to write alot...generate my the end...I lost the comment...I think it was it was quite long and I just wanted to say, that even though I wished to share my response and join in on this one...I still appreciate being able to think through it...and it gives me something to think about again...maybe next time to blog on...

Shaz said...

Dana this was Amazing I really loved it.
Adversity and challenge have been on my mind for the last 41 weeks and I love your take on it. XX

Gypsy said...

Funnily enough I was talking about this very thing with an elderly customer of mine just this afternoon. She has a very weak heart, is 78 years of age and does a lot of physical back breaking work that would bring a much younger person undone. We discussed how attitude and a positive approach to illness can make an enormous difference to both the outcome and the quality of life you experience if you are optimistic and a determination to win no matter what.

Great post Dana. I too can relate as I continue with my own little battle.

Awareness said...

jen...i'm sorry your intial comments were lost. This is my first attempt to put some of my thoughts in words. I found that I have much more to say on the topic....writing does that doesn't it? It often spawns the avenue to further delve into a concept.

Shaz....was thinking of you when I wrote this. and in fact, it was reading your posts which inspired me in the first place. Your attitude and fight and your faith is always inspiring.

Gypsy......AND you are the other bookend!! After reading your post on the Avon visits and your role....and how your life journey has taken different routes due to your circumstances.....I was thinking that this is what YOU should write your book about!!! :) Adversity and Avon!!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a beautiful post. We are never alone ... and I for one, am glad we have one another. Cheers, peace and love to you dear Dana, xx, JP/deb

Anonymous Boxer said...

extremley comforting.

Caroline said...

Lots of thought provoked for me by this one. One which comes to mind is that there are times to rest and not fight - times when "retreating into the cave" is actually the healthiest thing to do - as long as we don't stay there too long!

Tori said...

A very comforting thought and so well articulated. I am enjoying your Canada East posts too.
You are one of my favorite writers.

Awareness said...

thanks i mentioned to you already, it is interesting how we seem to be on the same wavelength these days with respect to what we are writing about.

Anon....knowing we aren't alone spurs me on.....

Caroline....excellent point. One can't always be slaying bears can we? Not only do we need to regenerate and slip away from time to time in order to catch our breath, we also need time to think about the issue at hand.

Tori......thank you. I'm so glad you're reading the CanadaEast blog. I have tried to set up a link on this site for it, but screwed it up completely and havent had a chance to try again.