Saturday, November 26, 2005

Realizing Dreams.................

Are there people in your life who make things happen? You know, the ones who have an idea and follow through to fruition - the people who have the capacity to alter a way others may see or think about something? They come in all shapes and colours. Poets, Builders, Architects, Photographers, Philosophers, Artists, Mothers, Fathers, Musicians, Leaders, Inventors............the people in your community......possibly even your local Walmart greeter......the individuals in your family............the Dreamers.

Sometimes, we consider their ideas and quests a bit eccentric. Initially, we might even see them as strange because their views seem distorted from our own and too "out there." Why is that?

Most people fear the unknown that accompanies change. Status quo....stay the course....Why rock the boat? These cliches resonate with non-risk takers. They are secure in their knowledge of how things are in their world. While remaining cocooned in a safe place that lacks fluidity normally generated by new ideas and visions, they remain stifled and unmoved. Opportunity knocks, but the door to awareness and learning does not open. It's just too scary.

All achievements, great or small begin as a single thought; an idea that is nurtured and expanded upon through the confidence of believing in the vision. If the feat falls outside of the realm of the ordinary, one tends to face many more obstacles. Many more people will balk at their vision. And yet, there will be others who are open to the freshness of new ideas and they will support and even sustain the individual as they work towards their goal. Often it is this type of supportive nourishment from others that will allow the individual to push through the difficult times in their lives in order to continue to pursue their dream. Ultimately however, it is up to the Visionary to persist against the odds to reach the peak of attainment. The strength has to come from within.

What would this world be like without these dreamers? What would life be like if we didn't at least attempt to follow through on a dream.......a vision? The world is made more beautiful by solitary dreamers. The world is more alive when you strive to attain the ideals that you envision.

Cherish you creative visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs your heart, the visions that form in your mind. Embrace the lofty ideals that shape your thoughts and they will feed your desires and aspirations to reach out for them. Take a risk and become a dream chaser.

"If you do not express your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself."
Rollo May

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