Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Deck the Halls with an Election

Posturing, pesturing, pilfering, posing, propagandizing, promising...puuuleeeeze!

The unofficial election has just begun, and I'm already satiated by the flying cow patties zinging across our vast nation by the so-called leaders..........a bunch of little boys who are playing the game of upstagemanship............
No one, I one looks like Prime Minister material to me.

What's a voter to do? What are the options? Let's see.............

You could go deep into the woods away from all things that smell of Ottawa, sit in a cabin beside a warming woodstove and get caught up on your back issues of Rod and Reel.

You could turn into a Christmas shopping fanatic, sail into an unending spree of delight by hitting all shopping malls from here to West Edmonton.

You could buy a plane ticket to destination "outta here" and bail.

You could sign up as a volunteer to help Justin Trudeau save the Nahanni...or is that the Yanomami? I get them mixed up.

You could try out for the next Survivor episode grow hair all over your body and set yourself up as the next Rupert.

You could immerse yourself in a project to help increase the awareness on the plight of the dodo bird.

You could help out all Canadians by inviting Svend to join you on a long safari to Botswana during the election and then intentionally lose him in a marketplace while he's eyeing the jewellry.

Or we could start a revolution. Yes! That's the ticket! Let's start a revolution. Any leaders out there willing to drive this bus? Hmmmmmmmmm the possibilities.

"Every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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