Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dingwall AWOL

Looks like the Liberals have their very own "Entitlement Mascot." The one and only former President of the Royal Canadian Mint, former Librano cabinet minister, and former lobbyist extraordinaire has flown the coop. Why? Because he can.
A special summons was issued after Dingwall missed a scheduled appearance yesterday afternoon to testify before the operations committee. But, no one was home to receive the writ. His lawyer feigned ignorance and stated that he had no idea where he was. So the last order of official business for the government that dissolved today has also expired. It has now been relegated to "under the carpet" like many other fraudulent goings on. Will he be charged with contempt? Doubt it. Will he have to face any punishment for the violations to lobbyist guidelines? Doubt it. Will he have to pay back any of the money he received through his expense account. Doubt it.
I wonder where he is? I have no worries that he is lacking for anything.
Onto the Election.............here are a few thoughts..........
  • The key words that will be used during this upcoming Battle of the Titans (note sarcasm) .....corruption, Liberal entitlement, and fraud on one side..............neo-conservatism, untrustworthy, far right rednecks on the other are predictable and already worn out. We heard them 17 months ago during the last election.
  • After a relatively lowkey start so as not to offend anyone during the Christmas season, things will get into high gear and the mudslinging will ensue. Heckling, name calling, threats, accusations, fear mongering..............it'll all be there. We should all be given shovels and ear muffs for Christmas in order to prepare ourselves for the onslaught. Boxing Day may just live up to it's name.
  • The only Leader who will remain unscathed at the end of this election will be Gilles Duceppe. The other three will be licking their wounds.
  • Canadians will be so sick of political news that when the next chapter of Gomery is released, there will be a collective hohum sigh and that'll be the end of that.

The level of apathy in this country right now is appalling.

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