Thursday, November 24, 2005

Political Hypnotic Tactics

The use of hypnosis, despite it's checkered history, is back in the news these days. Recent neurological studies of people who are susceptible to suggestion under hypnosis have shown that profound changes occur in how they process information. Scientists are now proving that "suggestions" literally alter what people hear, see, feel and believe to be true.

First used in the 18th century by a physician named Dr. Franz Mesmer (hence mesmerized), it wasn't accepted as a real thing until the mid 19th century when an English opthamalogist began using it in his practise, and coined the term, hypnosis after the Greek work for sleep. Since then, it has been used by spiritualists and magicians on stage as a performance technique to make people do goofy things in front of an audience. It was even used before ether was developed in amputation operations.

It fell out of favour except for stage demos, but has now recently been resurrected by the Liberals of this fine country as a tactic to be used in the next election. Instead of the gold watch dangling back and forth, back and forth in front of the individual's face, the Liberals have simplified it. They are just using a chunk of glimmering gold held out in the palm of their hands.

Billions and billions and bullions, and bullions and billions of dollars worth of golden nuggets.

The question is? Are Canadians being hypnotized by the onslaught of nuggets and Martin's mantra of..........prosperity, prosperity, prosperity for all Canadians?

$10,000,000,000.00...............that's 10 BILLION dollars has already been promised and pledged this week and the gravy train keeps rollin' rollin' rollin'........................
  • 1.3 billion (and more promised) announced by the Princess of Auto-Parts for labour market training in Ontario.
  • $400 million to address gun violence in a corner of Toronto
  • $50 million for a new soccer stadium in Toronto
  • $110 million for better security on our transit systems.........a large nugget of this of course going to Toronto
  • $342 million set aside for Arts Centre............hmmmm how much of this for Ontario? Where is this election going to be won or lost????
  • $750 million emergency funding for farmers
  • $260 million set aside for Goose Bay
  • $2 billion for Aboriginal victims of residential school abuse
  • $1.5 billion for the lumber industry
  • And a whole lot of money is being rushed forward to build a bunch of helicopters that should've been built 15 years ago.................
Researchers studying hypnosis are shedding the light on how it affects the processing of sensory data in our brains. Information from the eyes, ears and body is carried to primary sensory regions in the brain. From there, it is carried to so-called higher regions where interpretation occurs. They have some high-falootin' terminology that they use to explain this process more fully which I don't need to add.

What it comes down to is this: Because hypnosis alters the processing of information in the brain, the mesmerized person learns how to interpret data and information in a illusive manner. To summarize, what you see is not always what you get. What you hear is ALSO not always what you get.

And guess what? Only 1 in five are flat out resistant to hypnosis.

The Liberals are counting on these new findings..........will it work? Will Canadians fall asleep, mesmerized by the hypnotic state of promised bullion?

Stay in tune...............................don't's only fool's gold

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
Dr. Seuss

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